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8traks playlist

MV Playlist

1. BIGBANG – Loser
2. Mamamoo, eSNa – Ahh Oop!
3. Primary – See You (feat. BSK, Gaeko)
4. BIGBANG – Bae Bae
5. Jimin Park – Hopeless Love
6. Kim Yeon Ji – Forgot
7. Park Jin Young – Who’s your mama? (feat. Jessi)
8. Vinylhouse – Negative Love
9. Yoo Se Yun – Middle School Sick (feat. Jay Park, NiiHWA)
10. A.cian – Driving
11. eSNa – AHH! SHIT!
12. San E – Me You (feat. Baek Yerin of 15&)
13. Blady – Come Closer
14. Kim Sun Wook – M

I really like the upbeat part with Vinylhouse, Yoo Se Yun and A.cian. Driving is really catchy and fun, even though I know they look like the rookiest rookies ever, it’s a good song.

M is a bit more to the country side of things. I like it though, mostly for the chorus. Though I cannot say I wasn’t a little disappointed since Sun Wook had one of the best indie song of last year… His latest single is all folk country, and I’m not really into it all that much.

I wasn’t sure if I would keep Blady’s song or not. The MV is a dance version, I cannot seem to find anything else anyway. It’s cheap looking and all, but I kinda enjoy the song. It isn’t the catchiest or the best, but it has its charm and maybe I got use to it too.

Now, about AHH! SHIT!: this song was done by eSNa to reply to the haters because some netizens were pissed at her for her collaboration with Mamamoo (I didn’t really get why exactly). And I also think they called her fat, which is ludicrous. So she did a new version of Ahh Oop!. It’s a little more on the “talking” side for a while, but the pace of the song is a bit like that too. Then, when she explode at the end, it’s so damn good. Anyway, at least go and put on the subtitles to read what she’s saying. To me, this song is really empowering, mostly because she’s like “I’m not taking this shit so fuck off”, even more than what is relaid in Ahh Oop!, who’s a little softer.