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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
50. Loco, Yuju (GFriend) – Spring Is Gone By Chance OST
58. Zia, Lee Hyun – It’s Raining
77. Take – One Spring Day
78. PK Heman, Dorothy – Bossom, Night
83. Park Jin Young – Who’s Your Mama? (feat. Jessi)
96. Suzy (Miss A), Bernard Park – Farewell Under The Sun

Song Chart
92. Mamamoo, eSNa – AHH OOP!
99. Standing Egg – Starry Night

Gotta love Who’s Your Mama?. It’s so terribly catchy. I’m really happy that JYP came back with an upbeat song like this over any intense ballad. I just have some trouble with the MV, and maybe the lyrics too. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing fun in feeling someone is undressing you with their eyes at the gym…

I don’t understand what’s happening with AHH OOP!.