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8traks playlist

MV Playlist

1. MFBTY – Bang Diggy Bang Bang
2. P-Type – Don Quixote2 (feat. The Barberettes)
3. Miss A – Only You
4. Super Junior-D&E – Growing Pains
5. Baek Ji Young – Garosugil At Dawn (with Song Yu Bin)
6. Dear Cloud – U
7. Gain – Paradise Lost
8. Zion.T – Zero Gravity
9. Crush – Whatever You Do (feat. Gray)
10. NiiHWA – Make Me Crazy (feat. Kye Bum Zu)
11. Fiestar – You’re pitiful
12. Boyfriend – Bounce
13. Hotshot – Midnight Sun
14. Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake
15. Crayon Pop – FM
16. NS Yoon-G – Wifey (feat. MC Mong)
17. XIA – Flower (feat. Tablo)
18. Red Velvet – Automatic
19. Hee Young – Whiskey to Tea
*20. Nils Frahm – Re

I feel like every time is harder and harder. I’m not always sure about songs, but I still want to keep listening to them. Like, for example, I had the hardest time with Wifey, that I’m not quite sure I love still, but one day I enjoy it, the other I don’t. I still put it here because I thought it was still good enough for the list.

Also, I know Nils Frahm isn’t Korean. But since I discovered him and his music through a Korean channel (distributor of some sort), I thought I could still include it here. Anyway, it’s a the bottom of the list so, if you’re not cool with that, just skip it easily. But you shouldn’t, because it’s terribly beautiful, both the music and the MV they’ve done for it.

I fell in love with Don Quixote2. I cannot get enough of it. I already know it’s going to go on my “Best of KHip-Hop” list. Yes, it’s that good. I realized also that I have a thing for old school hip-hop with old school beat.

I really enjoy U too (no pun intended). I’m definitely going to go and listen to Dear Cloud’s whole album at some point, and even check if they did stuff in the past. Their electro sound is upbeat, yet not too much at the same time, just the kind I like.