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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
49. Zion.T – Zero Gravity
86. Roy Kim – Bom Bom Bom
87. Shin Ji Soo – Listen (feat. Loco)
93. K.Will – Our Song
95. NS Yoon-G – Wifey (feat. MC Mong)
96. K.Will – Love Blossom
97. Miss A – Only You
99. Dok2 – Multillionaire

Song Chart
89. Kim Na Young – Never
98. Jolly V – It’s All Good (prod. by SouLime)
100. K.Will – Away

I like Zero Gravity, though it’s not my favorite Zion.T track. It’s really soft, but it doesn’t have the same hook as Yanghwa BRDG did. The MV is quite pretty still. And the song isn’t bad, I’m not saying that. I think it’s more that you need to be in the mood for it, it won’t put you in a mood exactly, or you have to listen to it a few times before it does. I just hope we can get an album of a mini from Zion.T this year because I’m really curious to see what he comes up with next.

Wasn’t completely on board with Miss A’s Only You, mainly because of the chorus that breaks a little with the verse’s rhythm. But the saxophone sound caught me hehe. Not my favorite from Miss A either though.