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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
57. MC Sniper – Shakespeare In Love Part.1 (feat. Kim Shin Eui Of Monni)
69. Lovelyz – Hi~
70. Yang Dail, Jungkey – We’re Different [aka We Know]
96. XIA – Butterfly
97. FIESTAR – You’re Pitiful

Song Chart
97. Shinhwa – Alright
98. M.C THE MAX – Wind that blows
100. Super Junior-D&E – Growing Pains

I really don’t like the girly-little-girl-next-door-aegyo style of music. So, Lovelyz are not my thing, obviously.

We’re Different (or We Know) is a good ballad. I’m not completely in love with it (it’s a ballad still), but it’s nice.

I like FIESTAR from the start (or almost), and lately, I really feel like they’re bringing their A game. I enjoy You’re Pitiful. Sure sure, it’s not their best ever, but it’s catchy enough that I liked the song from the start even though it’s not that fast-paced or that upbeat. A good old Kpop song as we like them.

I really like Growing Pains also. I’m a sucker for song that start sorta slow and that becomes more and more intense as the chorus approaches (I could have said progressive, but you might have thought I was talking about some kind of rock metal track or something, so yeah, but still, it’s the name of the process). The chorus is really fun and terribly catchy. The background music is great too. I do have that weird feeling there are pieces and bits that I’ve heard before, somewhere. Parts of the background piano and parts of the chorus. But oh well, it doesn’t keep me from enjoying the crap out of this song.