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Here’s my top 10 love songs for Valentine’s Day. My purpose was not to go in sad stuff since, like any other holiday, it’s not that sad if you’re alone, seriously. Just do anything else, like every other day. It’s just a date. But still, I felt like doing a top 10 on this matter. I had a hard time putting more mainstream stuff in here though.

I got 3 big themes in there : hopeful love, deep love and sexy love. Here’s my list :

– Ggotjam Project – Everyday
– Clazziquai Project – Crave You
– Soyu, JunggiGo – Some
– Royale Pirates – Betting Everything
– Acourve – What I Want To Say
– Esna – I, I Love You
– Jay Park – Star
– Hoody – Baby Oh Baby
– Jay Park – Welcome
– Diana – Let You Do Me (feat. Lil Cham)

And then, my personal favorite, too perfect for the list :

When people ask me about my favorite love song ever, it’s always Flowerpot, from Alex Chu (one of the main singer in Clazziquai Project). The song is wonderful in itself, but I think it’s also because it was part of the “love story” between Alex and Shin Ae in the first We Got Married. The way they were together, and how Alex was so terribly sweet and romantic and then when he sang that song because he had to go… The song is not that sad, the lyrics are more in between hopefulness and longing but it’s all that situation, it was so intense and you could feel all the emotions. If I remember correctly, Sin Ae had some trouble around that time too because someone close to her died or something. So yeah, with this bonus layer on top of it, how can I not pick this song?