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8traks playlist

MV Playlist

2. Mad Clown – Fire (feat. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child)
3. Hello Venus – Wiggle Wiggle
4. Kim Feel – Ghost In Your Mind
5. HIGH4 – Day by Day
6. Geummi (Crayon Pop), Sung Hoon – Sunlight
7. HELLOPUMPKIN – Valentine
8. Soya, KK, Billy Acoustic – December (Turbo cover) Acoustic Ver.
9. Dynamic Duo – Great Expectation
10. INFINITE H – Pretty
11. Tey (MR.MR) – Dangerous
12. Eddy Kim – Apologize
13. Team Never Stop – Place Where You Need To Be
14. 18GRAM – Secret Forest

I think I’ve never had that much OST in a K-Blend playlist before. But yeah, if they’re good, I got nothing against it!

Also, to clear things out a bit : I know Great Expectation is old. I know. But they’ve just released a MV for it so I included it. I also usually try to not include cover too much, but this one is really good and I felt like the acoustic twist to it makes it a lot different from the original Turbo song.

Nos, a little more about my favorite tracks :
I can say I was really impress by Ghost In Your Mind and still enjoy it quite a lot.
I really really really love Sunlight. It’s just such a sweet and light ballad, that you can either cry to or be happy to. I love those kind of song a lot.
I was really disappointed by the Wiggle Wiggle MV, but I enjoy the song, still.
I highly recommand HELLOPUMPKIN. If you don’t like Valentine all that much, go and browse through their channel at least, they are great.