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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
49. Um Jung Hwa – Invitation
68. Jo Sung Mo – To Heaven
72. Navi – At The Han
87. Kim Gun Mo – Sleepless Rainy Night
88. So Chan Whee – Wise Choice
89. Yang Jung Seung – Stars In The Night Sky 6 (with Alex, Pier)
91. Cool – Before Sadness Comes
93. Yoo Se Yun – Sorry I’m Old (with GB9)
97. Mad Clown – Hide And Seek (feat. Jooyoung)
98. Kim Gun Mo – Excuse
99. Lee JungHyun – Wa

Song Chart
90. Uhm Jung-hwa – Rose of Betrayal
91. Noel – Frozen
94. Hello Venus – Wiggle Wiggle
96. Jung Yong Hwa – Mileage (with YDG)
98. Kim Gun Mo – Love Is Gone
100. HIGH4 – Day By Day

Ehhh… Hello Venus had a great song not too long ago, and their agency created such a big hype around Wiggle Wiggle that I was expecting something much better than this. The MV is really hard to watch, it looks a bit cheap and not polished enough. But, that said, if you ignore the MV and the dance, I kinda like the song.

I wanna like Yong Hwa song, but I can’t. It’s sorta bleh and even though I’ve tried many time, it just doesn’t catch my attention at all.

And then, even though there at the very bottom of the list, I really enjoy Day by Day. I get more and more impressed by HIGH4 every time and I really hope they keep going so that we can get the best of the best from them. It’s a sweet ballad with a twist, and it’s really good.