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Since Instiz and Melon don’t work the same way, I might not put every newbies of Melon if they’re already in the Top 30 of Instiz. Like, Melon put San E, Hyorin – Coach Me in rank 41, yet it’s in the first 30 ranks in Instiz. I won’t mention it in the weekly newbies since, to me, it’s not all that much about the position of the new song, but mainly about the fact it’s a new song. So that’s that.

Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 30th place on Instiz chart
36. Hyun Young (Rainbow), Sool J – Honey
68. Suki – Sick of Farewell
85. S.E.S – I Love You
93. Lee Young Hyun, Sohyang – Beside You
95. Kangnam (M.I.B) – What Do I Do
98. Vasco, Shannon, Giriboy – Breath

Song Chart
93. The SeeYa – The Song of Love (feat. LE of EXID)
96. Jinusean – Phone Number
99. So Chan Whee – Tears
100. Standing Egg – 햇살이 아파 (feat. Whee In (Mamamoo), Yun Dak (O Broject))

Finally, The SeeYa came back with a good song! I think maybe LE has something to do with it but, yeah, I enjoy it. I know some people don’t like her part in it but I think it balances well enough.

Standing Egg has a alright song too.