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For this one, as for the other lists, I based my choice on how much I love these songs, how much I listened to them and if I might listen to them still in 2015. I also tried to choose songs that had less than 800 000 views on Youtube. Sure maybe one or two are around or a little higher than 800 000 views, but most of the songs here have, at best 200 000 views. But still. They’re not that popular, they didn’t do that well on the charts, or they never even came up on them.

Here it is :

10. Seo In Young – Thinking of You (feat. Zion.T)
This one I don’t quite get why it has only around 485 000 views. You have Zion.T first, but somewhere in my mind, I thought that Seo In Young had a larger fanbase or something. This song is delicious, it’s smooth and it’s not at all about killer vocal performance, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, at all. The MV is beautifully shot. So yeah, I don’t quite understand why it wasn’t more popular. Maybe it didn’t “took” people as much as it should, but I think it’s a song that has this potential. It was one of my favorite of the month at the time it was released so…

9. Yeo Hee – Waltz Steps
I know I’ve talk about this one before. But the effect the voice of the girl has on me didn’t disappeared over time. The MV isn’t exactly good, but the song is perfect in itself so it doesn’t really matter. Yeah, sure, it might be something closer to indie maybe, but I thought it was “mainstream” enough so that it could go here. This song has around 6000 views, even though a member of T-ARA or another girls’ group made a post about it on some SNS account of hers. And that’s unbelievable.

8. Delight – Hate You
I wasn’t sure about this at first. I thought the MV was kinda cheap looking and the song was too intense, to hard for me. But then, at some point, I thought it was alright, and even maybe fun. But it really kicked me when I went outside for a run and it popped up in my playlist. It really help me push myself harder and I enjoyed it a lot ever since. Particularly the bridge and the chorus. I can understand the 220 000 views, but I feel like, with Kpop, we should really try to experience music with AND without the visual support.

7. Scarlett – Do Better
This one is about the same as the previous one. The only difference is that I really liked it from the get go and that, if the same song was sung by more established group, with a better MV, everyone would’ve loved it. To me, it sounds a lot like a song SNSD could have sung. I remember listening to it on repeat and having a blast. I don’t know if I’ll listen to it a lot in 2015 though, but I still enjoy it now and then. And the dance isn’t really as tight as you would want it to be, that was a little bit better with Delight.

6. Ladies’ Code – Make Me Go Crazy
I instantly fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I don’t really understand why it hasn’t got more views than this. Maybe it has to do with the fact it doesn’t have a MV. But then again, it’s from a OST, so I would have thought it would have helped. It has this little upbeat dance vibe, so it’s great to dance around to it will doing house chores. With Hate You, I would say it’s one of my favorite song from this group.

5. Wings – Blossom
I cannot comprehend how this song has only 160 000 views. How?! This song was my song for at least a month. I loved it so damn much. I’m sure I’ll listen to it again now and then, but I started to grow kinda tired of it at some point and let it go to make some space for new stuff. But those two girl have immense talent and I really hope they stay in the music field so that they can bring us more beautiful song like that.

4. Mamamoo, Bumkey – Don’t Be Happy
This was also my jam for at least a month. I use to sing along the chorus and I could not wait for this girl group to debut full on. I usually like Bumkey (not always, but most of the time), and I really discover a great girls group with a lot of talented members. Thought its MV has 670 000 views, I still think it should have way more, like at least 1 million. I love love love the chorus and the bridge, and the song as a whole is pretty damn good too. I’m always somewhat amazed at “pre-debut” song since, for me, debuting is doing something for the first time, so… Anyway

3. Lee Michelle – Without You
I know this one has 815 000 views. But still, this awesome song with a great MV has not reach 1 million yet? I really don’t get it. This song is beautiful AND powerful. I really hope we get more of Lee Michelle in 2015. I kinda rediscover this song a few weeks ago and I was impressed at how little attention I gave it before. Anyway, I don’t have anything more to say about it than it’s an amazing song.

2. ESNA – I, I Love You
With around 150 000 views if you combine the MV on the singer’s channel and the MV on 1theK, ESNA’s song is definitely underrated. I had this song in my top favorite for at least 2 to 3 months, sung it will at work about every day. This girl as talent, and I sure hope we see more of her. She’s refreshing. If you haven’t heard her song yet, you should try it because it’s astonishingly beautiful.


1. SPEED – Why I’m Not
I had this song in my playlist the whole year. I cannot get enough. Yet, it only has 150 000 views! How is that? I get that Speed isn’t the most popular boys band, and that the MV isn’t featured on one of the major Kpop channel, but still… It’s such a great song! The chorus, the bridge, every part of it is genius.

There was a few I wanted to put here, but I really try to choose thing that would last, at least for me. And thing that were actually underrated too. I though about Spica.S song and maybe also about the HIGH4 song that features Lim Kim, but I felt like both of them had too much views to be included, and that they didn’t necessarily have the “everlasting” quality I was searching for (the main reason why I included Lee Michelle in the list).