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Here it is folks!

I’ve based my choice on a few things, but mostly on a) if the song made an everlasting effect on me (I do listen to it now and then still, or I put it on whenever I’m at a party with Kpop-tolerant friends, or it’s in my all time favorite, something like that), b) the overall popularity of the song and how it was omnipresent for the moment it was release to the end of the year, c) how it somewhat did Kpop exactly how it’s suppose to be done or how it still is Kpop but it tried to give a twist that worked amazingly well.
I also limited myself to 10 tracks this time around.

So here is my top 10 for 2014 :

10. Jun Hyo Seong – Good-night Kiss
I chose this song for the last spot mainly because, even though after a while, I kinda started to grow tired of it. But every time I let the song go on, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to dance to the chorus. Somehow, I also created some dance move in my mind that I was sure were part of the actual dance. I also like this fierce attitude and the overall more sexy look for Jun Hyo Seong.

9. Hi Suhyun – I’m Different (feat. Bobby)
Even though this song just came up a few weeks ago, I really feel like they nailed something with it. The jazz and soul combo is great and the MV is also really beautiful. I’m ok with Bobby’s part even though it would still have been great without it. I like that, even though it’s still pop, they did some experiment with it and it came out like this. I hope this track and how good it did in the charts and with the fans make the industry take more risk with their song, more than just mashing pop with rap all the time or different tempo in one same song.

8. Akdong Musician – Melted
Do I have to explain why this song is in here, really? If you have not seen the MV, go watch it right now. Because they went all in for this one and it’s really in synch with the song. The background music is astonishing, the verse, the bridge, the chorus, everything is perfect. Even though it’s not a song you would expect from AKMU, I think they did a great job and I even like the fact that it’s not just about sobbing all the way till the end. There’s still some quirky twist in the verse, in the way they sing it. A great ballad, but they didn’t forget to put in some of their individuality.

7. Bangtan Boys – Boys In Luv
I have something to confess : I’m not a Bangtan Boys fan. At all. I think I’m closer to being an EXO fan than being a BTS fan. Even though it took time to get use to it, the chorus took me away. I still listen to this song and every time, I feel like krumping my ass off. But let’s be clear here, it’s only because of the bridge and the chorus. Those verse are not that great. I seriously have no idea if, other than the fans, the song did any good on charts and what not, but it really was a song that I listened to the whole year and that I still pop in for a good run.

6. AOA – Like a Cat
I wasn’t so sure about this one, but after a few times, I had the song stuck in my head. For a long long while. And maybe it stuck with me more because one time, I really wanted to listen to it but I didn’t have it in my Ipod and I was listening to Tablo’s radio show, and he put it on, and I was like “WE ARE ONE MIND!!!!!!”. At the same time, I feel like AOA always been cute little girls, a group that was more about the looks and they didn’t really have a big hit to secure their place in their field, but I feel they actually did that this time.

5. KARA – Mamma Mia
There’s many people who think this song is the song of all songs. I think part of them are just hardcore fans, and others are almost right. It’s a great song indeed. I feel like the exposure it got because of the Young Ji fever help the song a lot also. But I was caught by that fever too, and I liked it. I got mesmerized by the “lapapa lapapa” and the dance. Every time the chorus comes up, I wanna dance along to it.

4. Sunmi – Full Moon (feat. Lena)
Oh the controversial choreography… Anyway, the way it was banned gave it a big boost for its popularity, but still, without that “scandal”, I think it would still have done well. I’m not 100% behind the MV concept, because I think paranormal/vampire stuff as to be done perfectly or else it kinda falls out a bit. And this one kinda do (falls out I mean) here and there. But the song is nice and I even like Lena’s part. I also really enjoy the dance, I thought it was inventive and different. Now and then, you come across a song where there’s some kind of singing sound that isn’t words but that get imprinted in your mind and that you cannot pull out of there. This song does that. The “hey hey hey hey hey” stuck with me.

3. SoYu, JunggiGo – Some (feat. Lil Boi of Geeks)
If you don’t know that song, I wonder where you were in 2014. Because it was everywhere. In about every drama there was, in every variety show there is. And it kinda shifted the Hyorin spotlight to Soyu, who also has a really great voice. It re-put JunggiGo on the map as well. The chorus is super catchy and whenever it pop up somewhere, I had this warm feeling of “hey, it’s that song again!”. To me, this song is, along Eyes, Nose, Lips, one of the most memorable songs of 2014.

2. Gain – Fxxk U (feat. Bumkey)
I like Gain and her MVs that deal with taboo matters. She always amazes me. Fxxk U is a great song, mainly because the beat is “happy”, for a lack of better word, yet it feels cathartic to throw those “Fxxk U” in the air while listening to it. I wouldn’t say it’s a song that will be remembered by all, but it will be me and my friends. We always put it on whenever we listen to some Kpop song. Also, with the ever-growing and omnipresent rape culture in every society, I feel like the MV is right on point. On top of that, there’s something about Gain that is different from the industry she evolves in. So for all those reasons, I think she deserve a high rank in my top 10.


1. Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips
Yeah, you might already knew I would choose this one for first place. I’m still trying to learn the song, I’m around the chorus. I already know the first verse and the bridge by heart so I would say I’m about half way there, or close to it. And to think I didn’t instantly fell in love with this song is crazy. To me, it was the “home run” song of 2014. Some would say that was Up and Down by EXID, but there’s a difference between viral and greatness. If you’re still not convince, give me another song that had a cover project that many other singers joined just weeks after its release on top of it.

WHY NO [insert group/artist name here]?????!!!!!
I though about maybe adding I Swear from Sistar, but to me, even to I liked it very much, the other 10 were more fit to my criteria. Some people might wonder why I didn’t put any 2NE1 track in it, and here’s why : even though Come Back Home is a great song, I don’t really listen to it anymore. Their album was a great album overall, but the few title track were not as memorable as some other they did in the past. I prefer lesser known track on the album, like the Korean version of Scream or even the ballad version (or is it acoustic, I don’t remember) of Come Back Home. So that’s how it is. Other than that, SNSD didn’t do it for me this year. As for T-ARA, even though they had Little Apple that I liked very much, I wasn’t taken as much by it. Maybe because I felt like a) it wasn’t entirely a T-ARA song, b) the MV made me feel like it was a sub-unit song even though it’s not advertised that way. So I had some issue with putting it in the top 10 over others. VIXX didn’t have that great of a year overall. And for EXO, well, I’m sure everyone out there gave them enough praise for Overdose already. I like the song, but it was no Growl. And don’t even get me started on SUJU, because I will cut you. Seriously.