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I’ve based my choice mainly on how much I love those song, how much I’ve listen to them throughout the year and how likely I’ll be to listen to them still in 2015.

It was way harder for me to narrow it down to 10, so I guess I’m more of a Kindie person maybe. I’m not stopping after this top 10 and I’ll do a Khip-hop list too because it was too hard to choose without doing another top 10. And since I also had a hard time choosing for Khip-hop… well…

So there it goes :

10. The Solutions – Movements
This was an easy choice mainly because I love that song from the get go. But I listen to it so damn much for a while that I grew somewhat tired of it. Now, listening to it, I can still say it’s really a great song with awesome beat and it’s terribly catchy. I’ve tried listening to the whole album, but didn’t really achieve anything other than confirm that this song is a gem. Also, since it’s in English, you might be able to trick people into listening to it. If their into upbeat, dance, electro stuff with lyrics and some melodic verse, they might even like it.

9. Lucite Tokki – Let Me Dance
I’ve added some songs from Lucite Tokki in my K-Blend playlist now and then. But this one really stay with me for a long time. I still really enjoy it a lot. And I feel it was a great soundtrack to the movie its MV shows. It’s a really light-hearted song, in English again, that is all about empowerment, with a little bippity boppity. I know it might mean nothing, but listen to it and you’ll get it. It’s the way the background sounds bounce.

8. Seo TaiJi – Christmalo.win
I won’t say it enough : if you have not seen the MV (the cinematic one that is), go watch it now! It makes this song a work of art. But still, without the MV, it would be a great song. It might be a bit more on the fusion electro-rock-rap-pop side, but you need to try it first before setting it aside. Seo TaiJi had a great come back and even though I like the other track he released with IU for the background story, this one stole its spotlight, at least for me. It’s not as much a song as a performance. You need to see the band play it too.

7. Eddy Kim – The Manual
One of the great thing about this song is that it’s both a ballad and NOT a ballad. At some point during the song, it gets hopeful and happy and a little more upbeat. I think it’s one of its strength. But anyway, even if it was only a ballad, I would still love it. This song was the one that introduce me, and a bunch of people, to the voice of Eddy Kim. Even though there was other song that I really enjoy from him, this one has something special, like a peacefulness of some kind. And it’s not about any kind of vocal performance, it’s just good in its quiet way, just the voice and the sound of the guitar, and it’s enough.

6. Clazziquai Project – Crave You
Clazziquai Project celebrate their 10 years anniversary this year and they gave their fun one of the best album I’ve seen in 2014. It was hard to choose from the songs I loved on it for the top 10. I could easily had gone with at least 5 tracks from them. Crave You is tricky though because there is no actually MV for it, there’s just this movie stuff they do an awful lot when groups/artists don’t wanna/don’t have the money to do a real MV. And it is terribly distracting from the amazing-ness of the song. But once you get over it, or you try to find it elsewhere and listen to it without the actors talking over it, you’ll start to get the chorus stuck in your head for hours. I would say that it’s one of their softer song, even though it’s totally upbeat. It’s more Alex than Clazzi if you now what I mean. But it’s still enough all of them to be one of my all time favorite.

5. leeSA – Put Aside
This song was in December playlist and I talk a bit about it already. But every time I listen to it, I’m amazed about the voice of the main singer (who is Lee Sa I think). She has that little raspy quality, but just barely there, so she doesn’t really sound like she’ll do soul and jazz forever. I already like this band for the get go, but I was really happy about this song since the only other one I knew that they made (that wasn’t a cover) is Could You Stop That Smile, and I discovered it in 2013. So I was pleased that this one was also really really good and if you like those songs too, go check their album, it’s on iTunes.

4. Humming Urban Stereo – Bullshit (feat. Narsha)
I liked this one from the start. Maybe it’s because of the background beat, maybe it’s because of Narsha, maybe it because of the electro-dance vibe, maybe it’s the combination of the three. I don’t have much to say about this one, but I would just encourage people to give it a try. I know I’ve been impressed and surprised by Humming Urban Stereo before so it could be the same for you as well.

3. Kim Sun Wook – I’m Fine (acoustic version)
This one was featured in my Best Thing Since Sliced Bread segment (BTSSB), and it’s for a good reason : the song is perfect. Both the voice, the background music and the overall vibe of it are amazing. I love it even more now than before, maybe because I’ve stop listening to it for a while. It wasn’t because I grew tired of it like other songs, it was only to make some space for newer ones. So whenever I listen to it again, I’m flabbergasted about how nice and sweet and totally awesome this song is.

2. Clazziquai Project – Still I’m By Your Side
This one is more Clazzi than Alex. There’s more of a definite beat to it and there’s some kind of electro background, though it’s not that overwhelming. I’ve made other people listen to it and it’s an all kill. After the first two title track of their new album, that were really really good still, this one came out and totally blew my mind. I like the MV too, the split screen and how it ends. The way it’s not dance but in a weird way, it could almost be.


1. Neon Bunny – It’s You
How could I do a top 10 Kindie without its queen? This year, Neon Bunny gave us an appetizer for her next album. But what an appetizer! I like everything about it. I wanna sing along the chorus every time it comes up, I wanna dance my ass of to the sick electro music, I have a crush on this song. When I think of Kindie in 2014, it’s one of the song that instantly comes to my mind. It’s that good, and to me, it made an everlasting impression. I know for a fact I’ll still enjoy this song in 2015 and beyond.

There’s still 3 or 4 that I really wanted to put in the list, but I had to make a choice. 2014 made me discover The Richard Parkers, Ggotjam Project and Vidan. Those bands all have a special place in my heart, either because of one particularly awesome track or because of their awesomeness in general (and sometimes, both). I think, anyway, at least 2 of those 3 where featured in my BTSSB segment. So you can check that out if you’d like or you can look them out by yourself and discover them as well. Then there’s Zion.T with Yanghwa BRDG. I really love that song, a lot. I can sing the chorus with the right words (it’s an easy chorus and I know enough Korean to be able to recognize the words) and that’s a sign I like a song enough that I listen to it too much already. But, the thing is that this song is hard to categorize. I wasn’t sure if I could really put it here since I feel it could be Khip-hop (r&b to be exact), but at the same time, not really. And it also could be Kpop in a way since Zion.T is not always doing just one typical thing that is clearly definable. So I’m talking about it here, but just as a “special honor” type of thing. And I also know he’s doing stuff that people have a harder time to relate to, musically I mean (because the emotion pass through the lyrics and the mood really easily).