As you may have seen, I’m terribly late on the chart, yet again. But fear not, I’m getting 5 days off around New Year’s Eve so I’m going to spend some time doing a major post bonanza and try to get up to speed, at least a bit more than the actual state of things.

If I’m able to do so, I’ll try to put up a review of EYKA categories like last year and maybe throw in a few of my own or that I’ve seen on other “international/online” award, because let’s face it, those are the fucking worst when it comes to being somewhat not to biased towards either SUJU or EXO. And that’s why most of the time, it’s way more exciting to see an “award ceremony” (“ceremony” sometimes refer here to a blog/tumblr post, but whatever) done without any sort of voting system.

If everything goes super-duper well, I might even be able to think about it enough so that I’ll have the both Kpop and Kindie Top 10 up around the start of January, as it should be.

If everything is awesome-sauce, I might even throw a few other “looking back on 2014” stuff. But I’m trying to be realistic and I don’t think this will happen, so don’t get your hopes up too much for this one.

So that’s that, see ya soon!