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So I got fed up with Melon Top Chart somehow over the year (*cough* MC Mong *cough). And while doing research about charts and stuff, I’ve finally discover Instiz, which take all the charts South Korea have for music and combines it together. So I’m gonna use that starting the first week of January. I still got to understand some stuff though, so that I can do something not to far from what Melon Chart was, with the up and down arrow and stuff, because it’s fun to see the ranks evolve. But there’s a thing they use called All Kill and Perfect Kill that I find really interesting since it’s something that includes all charts. I’m gonna try find a way to get the information easily and put it in my translation of it.

To sum it up, an All Kill is when a song is #1 everywhere, for the Daily Charts and the Realtime Charts (so maybe it’s not THAT interesting since Daily and Realtime change too much and I don’t have time for them). I’ll see if ever it’s doable to make some space for this in the weekly chart translation, but… don’t count on it.
A Perfect Kill (or Perfect All Kill) is almost the same, but the song need to stay #1 everywhere and be #1 for the Instiz weekly chart. It’s way harder to get because of Cyworld and technicalities I won’t bore you with. But this one I’ll definitely try to keep you updated about since it’s way more interesting (and easier for me to get the info too).

That said, I’ll still do the Melon Chart Newbies, that won’t change. Why? Because Instiz only have up to 60 ranks and I like discovering new stuff that are not as popular as the first 60 ranks (and on top of that, it’s 60 ranks of the best of the best, because it’s an all chart compilation). Anyway, Melon is still one of the very best chart out there so I’m not denying it’s value altogether either. I just find that Instiz is maybe a bit more reliable (and my quest on this website has always been to find reliable sources).

On top of all this, I’ll put the extra 5 rank from 26 to 30, just because it’s something that was always in the back of my mind. That way, we’ll have about half of the Instiz chart (since it’s only 60 ranks total). I think it’s a fair deal.

So yeah, Happy New Year!

P.S For you information, the other charts out there are Genie, MNet, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh, Daum, Naver, Monkey and Cyworld (though this last one is a bit special, but nevermind)