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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
28. K.will, Sistar, Junggigo, Mad Clown, BOYFRIEND, Jooyoung (Starship Planet) – Love Is You
33. Lee Seol Ah – Life As A Mother
35. Zia – Rumor
36. Dynamic Duo, Lena Park – Sing Sung Saeng Sung (SsSs)
43. Sung Shi Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Lee Seok Hoon, Seo In Guk, VIXX (Jellyfish Ent.) – Because It’s Christmas
44. M.C The Max – Just Looking OST
59. Sojin, Dok2 – Finale
64. IU – Merry Christmas Ahead (feat. Thunder of MBLAQ)
68. BTOB – You Can Cry
74. Shannon – Daybreak Rain
86. INFINITE F – Hearthrob
87. Verbal Jint, San E, PHANTOM, As One, P-Type, C-Luv, Kang Min Hee (Miss $), Kanto, Champagne & Candle, Yang Da Il, DJ IT – Brand New Day
92. Loco – Thinking About You (feat. Jay Park)
94. Standing Egg – Out Laughing (with Ye Seul)
95. Sonnet Son – The First Snow’s Falling
98. Jung Seung Hwan – I Want To Fall In Love

Song Chart
97. Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Guk, VIXX, Little Sister (Jellyfish Ent.) – Winter Propose
99. Park Myung Soo, DJ Charles – Don’t Go (feat. Kim Shin Young)

Well, this year, I’m really not feeling the Christmas song. It’s such a shame though, I was really looking forward for this year Christmas bonanza since last year was really fun and great.

There’s a really short MV for SsSs, but since you just get about 1/3 of the song, I didn’t put it on the YouTube playlist. The song is really fun, but I was maybe expecting something else from Dynamic Duo, even though it’s a collaboration. It’s more pop than what they usually do, even when they actually go for a more mainstream sound. But you still get some Dynamic Duo rap throughout the track.

IU’s song is the same old Christmas song that pops out on the chart every year.

Daybreak Rain is interesting, but I don’t have a real opinion on it. I think I’ll still keep an eye on Shannon since I think she might surprise us later on, but I’m not that much into that one. Her first EP is planned for 2015 so we’ll see more of her anyway.

I really hate Hearthrob. Way too aegyo for me.

But then, there’s Brand New Music that release this awesome track in all this Christmas music crap fest. I really like Brand New Day a lot, I think even more than You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW. The beat is good and Kang Min Hee’s part (the chorus) is really joyful, balancing everything quite well.

Thinking About You would be really good, if the track was only Jay Park’s part again and again. The rest is a bit meh… Kinda makes me think about Metronome.