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8traks playlist

MV Playlist

01. HI SUHYUN – I’m Different (feat.Bobby)
02. AOA – Like A Cat
03. Mamamoo – Piano Man
04. Urban Zakapa – Play
05. Yeo Hee – Waltz Steps
06. surgeE – Heaven (Acoustic ver.)
07. O Eon Jong – Beenzino (feat. Niihwa) (Blacknut cover)
08. Mojo Project – 사랑이란 추억인가봐 (feat. Awesomebaby Sumin)
09. Hyorin X JooYoung – Erase (feat. Iron)
10. Teen Top – I’m Sorry
11. Hello Venus – Sticky Sticky
12. T-ARA, Chopsticks Brothers – Little Apple
13. GD X Taeyang – Good Boy
14. Pungdeng-E – Baechu Bossam
15. GOT7 – Stop Stop It
16. SunnyHill – Here I Am
17. Nicole – Mama
18. Somebirds – Because I Absolutely Adore You
19. Toy – No One Knows (Inst.)

I was really impressed by Play, since in my mind, it’s a lot different from what Urban Zakapa is usually putting out there. It’s really nice and sweet, but it’s not quite a ballad nor is it all sad and tears. It’s just happy. It’s good.

I try not to put too much cover in my playlist because I think it somehow defy the purpose of what I’m trying to do. But the Beenzino cover is just way too good to skip. I even prefer it over the original song (even though it’s just part of it). Plus, I really like Nihwa more and more.

Little Apple really made me fall in love with T-ARA all over again. I still have trouble with them a bit, I cannot look at their faces without thinking about all their scandals and stuff. But still, this song is just really fun and isn’t too EDM. This song sounds like the old T-ARA that I enjoyed, with the disco vibe I liked.

I’ve put Good Boy only because of Taeyang’s parts and I kinda like the song now and then too. But seriously, it’s not the song of the year, far from it.

If you like instrumental piece, you should really check out No One Knows. It’s really quite beautiful.