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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
26. Toy – She Said That (with Kwon Jin Ah)
29. 10cm – Missing You
36. Toy – Pianissimo (with Lim Kim)
39. Kim Bum Soo – Home Meal (feat. Geeks, Mrs.Lee)
45. EXID – Up and Down
56. Toy – Us
60. Toy – Always Stranger (with Sunwoo JungAh)
64. Toy – A Drunken Night
65. Toy – No One Knows (Inst.)
78. GOT7 – Stop Stop It
84. Toy – Piano (Inst.)
85. 10cm – Stalker
94. Lee Jin Ah – Time Please Slow Down

Song Chart
97. APink – LUV
98. Shin Ji Hu (Postmen), Lim Hyeong Uh – I Can’t Go to Shinchon
99. Ulala Session – Best Girl
100. Lovelyz – Candy Jelly Love

Missing You is good. It’s not Americano, but will 10cm ever be able to top that one, I’m not sure. It’s a mellow bossa nova ballad.

As you might have seen, Up and Down is back in the chart. This can be explained by a video of a concert perf that went somewhat viral somehow. Now everyone is getting on board with the song. Even though it’s not their best song, I’m still happy if this mean EXID will be put on the radar of girl group because they bring something I really enjoy to the table.

I didn’t talk that much about Toy’s music. And it’s mainly because that’s the thing. Toy is a great composer, first and foremost. That’s why of all the song that are up on the chart, the one I love the most isn’t a song. No One Knows is an instrumental piece, and it’s really nice, if you’re into this sort of things. I really like no lyrics stuff most of the time, so this one is for me. Good for studying or going to bed.

I wasn’t sure about Stop Stop It at first. It sounded too noisy for me. But, since I watch Roommate religiously, it grew on me after a while. Or maybe I got used to it. That said, it’s not the song of the year, for sure. It’s still nice enough though.

It’s no surprise for anyone that I don’t like the new APink song. I don’t know if I’ll ever like one of their songs, seriously.

I’m not getting closer to liking Lovelyz either.