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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
40. Navi – First Snow (feat. J’Kyun)
57. Ulala Session – Those Who Are Crying Now
60. ALi – PungPung
86. Dok2 – ChiGiChaGaChoGoCho
88. DK (December) – 너의 말투로 살아
89. Teen Top – I’m Sorry
90. Lovelyz – Good Night Like Yesterday
94. Phantom – A Story About My Ex

Song Chart
90. KyuHyun – At Close
92. KyuHyun – Eternal Sunshine
94. Postmen – Tears
98. KyuHyun – Moment of Farewell

First Snow isn’t bad. I don’t know if it’ll catch that much though.

Teen Top, seriously, what’s happening? I really like I’m Sorry too! Their new more mature sound really suit them well. It’s still in the same tone than the previous song, Missing, but with maybe a tiny bit more of sexy stuff to it? I don’t know how to describe it exactly. So yeah, even if you never really like them, try this one, you might be surprised.

I’m not really on board with Lovelyz. They sound like every other girls group and I feel like there’s no added pull to be interested to them. But well see, maybe after a few other singles.