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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
30. Urban Zakapa – Consolution
33. ZICO – Tough Cookie (Feat. Don Mills)
57. MC Mong – Sick Enough To Die (feat. Mellow)
71. D.O. – Crying Out OST
75. Kim Pill – The Wind Is Blowing
79. Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up
91. XIA Junsu – That Time When I Loved You OST
95. SPICA – Ghost
97. Urban Zakapa – Self Hatred
99. Uniqnote – Girlfriend (feat. Bobby Kim, Jungyup (chorus))

Song Chart
92. DK (December) – 너의 말투로 살아
96. Shin Hye Sung, Oak Joo Hyun – After Love
100. Untouchable – Lenght Shows (feat. Vasco, Giriboy)

I have a confession to make : I don’t care about Zico. There, I said it.

And I’m still mad at MC Mong.

I like Hong Ji Young, though I don’t like her music that much. I’m getting there. I might come around at some point. Cheer Up is maybe the closest to “getting there” I got in a long time with her music. But that might be because she sang it a lot while being a Running Man guest.

Ahhhh Spica. How I like each one of you, how I like a few of your song, but how disappointed I am every time you release something so meh I don’t understand what happened. I’ve read somewhere lately, and it’s so spot on, that Spica is a group everyone wants to see be successful, and even though they keep on trying, they never really seem to succeed. So Ghost is one of those “fail” song. I just hope they kill it next time.