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01. MC Mong – Miss Me or Diss Me (feat. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child)      ↑(39)
02. MC Mong – The Happiest Time Of My Life (feat. Huh Gak)      ↑(58)
03. MC Mong – Be Strong (feat. Ailee)      ↑(71)
04. MC Mong – Sick To Death Part.2 (feat. Sweden Laundry)      ↑(96)
05. MC Mong – Let’s Run Away (feat. Lyn)      ↑(89)
06. MC Mong – New York (feat. Baek Ji Young)      ↑(83)
07. MC Mong – Faulty Fan (feat. Gary, Hyorin of Sistar)      NEW
08. Epik High – Happen Ending (feat. Joe Won Sun of Rollercoaster)      ↓(7)
09. MC Mong – Whatever (feat. Minah of Girl’s Day)      NEW
10. B2ST – 12:30      ↓(7)
11. MC Mong – What Could I Do (feat. Bumkey)      NEW
12. Epik High – Born Hater (feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino, Bobby)      ↓(10)
13. MC Mong – 격정적인 열애설 (feat. The Channels)      NEW
14. Gaeko – No Make Up (feat. Zion.T, HA:TFELT)      ↓(10)
15. Yoon Hyun Sang – When Would It Be (Duet. IU)      ↑(6)
16. MC Mong – My Love (feat. Sung Yoo Jin)      NEW
17. Ailee – Don’t Touch Me      ↓(12)
18. MC Mong – 0904      NEW
19. Adam Levine – Lost Stars OST      ↓(12)
20. Postmen – I Can’t Go to Shinchon      ↓(11)
21. Epik High – Spoiler      ↓(15)
22. MC Mong – E.R (feat. The Channels)      NEW
23. Akdong Musician – Time And Fallen Leaves      ↓(15)
24. Kim Dong Ryul – Hom I Am      ↓(14)
25. SoYu, Kwon Soonil & Park Yongin (Urban Zakapa) – The Space Between      ↓(14)

This week, ladies and gentleman, you can see by yourselves why, sometimes, I really really hate how charts work in Korea. There’s no way in hell all the tracks from MC Mong got up there by themselves. And even so, I don’t get why you need to put every single track of an album into a chart. There’s enough music out there to avoid it, I mean, I don’t even get the point of it. And then it makes me mad because some people who have their fandom working really hard to try to put their song somewhere in the chart get accused (wrongly most of the time) of the same “chart manipulation” (or sajaegi, for those who know what I mean) because of some jealousy issue or fanwar issue, when there’s situation (like now) where it’s sooooo terribly obvious, it’s killing me. Sure, MC Mong has some great songs, but come on! We’re not blind and we’re not deaf either. This sajaegi thing made me give a closer look at him, and even though I’ll still listen to Miss Me or Diss Me now and then, I now see him very differently. You should go and check out the scandal(s) he’s been involved in if you want to. I get why Kfans and other korean artists are mad at him(1)(2)(3). And I’m even more angry because he’s doing this while Haru’s dad just released his album (who actually really rocks, way more). So yeah, fuck him, seriously. I’m really so damn mad that I might just delete him from my monthly playlist, and from anywhere actually. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll listen to his song anymore, I’m just too angry. And all this is making me reconsider using only Melon for the weekly overview of rankings. Maybe next year I’ll change things up a bit.