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8traks playlist
(As you might know, 8tracks doesn’t allow playlist to carry 3 songs from the same album so I had to choose and cut one Epik High song from this one. I chose to cut Happen Ending because it’s immensely popular so you might already have heard it a lot and because it didn’t screw up the flow of the playlist too much.)

MV Playlist

01. Epik High – We Fight Ourselves (feat. Younha)
02. Gaeko – No Make Up (feat. Zion.T, HA:TFELT)
03. Younha – Wasted
04. Epik High – Spoiler
05. Lena Park – Sweet (Brand New Mix) (feat. Verbal Jint)
06. Clazziquai Project – Crave You
07. Seo TaiJi – Christmalo.win
08. Seon In Young – Thinking Of You (feat. Zion.T)
09. Seo TaiJi – Sogyeokdong
10. Gaeko – Rose
11. Crush – Sofa
12. Ruel – Fly High
13. Epik High – Happen Ending
14. JQ, Han SoA – An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth
15. VIXX – Error
16. Bangtan Boys – War Of Hormone
17. Icycider – Jjangga (Song Of Her)
18. HOTSHOT – Take A Shot
19. Purfles – 1,2,3
20. Legend – Lost
21. Super Junior – This Is Love
22. Roy Kim – Curtain (feat. Jeong Seong Ha)
23. Yoo Seung Woo & Tarin (Vanilla Acoustic) – You And You
24. Shin Yeoul – Half Joking Half Serious (feat. Mato)
25. Saebyeok – Save Me

Clazziquai Project really killed it this past few months. Crave You is really a great song, don’t listen to it with the MV, you’ll get lost in the movie scene and you won’t be able to get the full greatness of the song. I didn’t find a proper audio video so I let the original MV in the Youtube playlist, sorry.

I just discovered Icycider and I really like them. It’s way more rock, almost punk, than what I usual listen to in Korean music but Jjangga is still fun and it reminds me of something I’ve heard before maybe.

I was also impressed by 2 newcomers, Purfles and HOTSHOT. I hope we see them again soon.

Save Me makes me think about Bulletproof from eAeon.

October was a great month, seriously. And now I’m super excited for Christmas song, though I don’t know if they’ll be able to top Christmalo.win.