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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
26. Yoon Min Soo, Shin Yong Jae (4MEN) – Please
27. Song Ji Eun – Pretty Age 25
46. VIXX – Error
53. Na Yoon Kwon – If Only
58. Kim Phil – Ice Fortress
90. Suki – Yesterday (feat. Gilgu Bonggu)
94. Seo In Young – Thinking Of You (feat. Zion.T)
99. Bernard Park – Before The Rain

Song Chart
80. Gaeko – Rose
82. Red Velvet – Be Natural (feat. SR14B TaeYong)
83. Kang Kiha & The Faces – Human Mind¸
85. Gaeko – Passout (feat. Bumkey)
86. B2ST – 12:30
91. Yoon Jong Shin – GOYO (with Jung Joon Il)
97. Boyfriend – Witch
100. Gaeko – Rhythm Is Life

Pretty Age 25 is alright. Though after giving it some thoughts, I really prefer dark tortured ballad for Song Ji Eun.

Error is a good song, even though it’s way more on the ballad side than what VIXX usually do. The MV is cool, the storyline is interesting and the dance fits really well with the concept. I don’t have much to say about it though, it’s not exactly their best song either.

I was impressed by Ice Fortress, but maybe it’s because I wasn’t expecting much and because I’ve heard it before (it’s an old song). That said, Kim Phil has a really nice voice.

Now, be prepared for another terribly great song of the month : Thinking of You. Sure, I’m not the more neutral person to judge the song since I’m in love with Zion.T and I really like Seo In Young because of We Got Married and Heroes. I like her voice a lot too. This song is just a really good laid back song where none of them go for the really high notes they can reach, it’s just a really feel good song with a kinda jazzy vibe. I’m just astonished it didn’t ranked higher on the chart.

Even though it’s not exactly my kind of song, I can tell Before The Rain is a really nice song. Bernard Park’s voice is well suited for this song.

Rose is the reason why I love Gaeko so much. Even though he’s a hiphop kid and he’s good at it, he has such a pretty voice and he can actually sing so beautifully. This song might not be as awesome as No Make Up, but it’s still one of the better song of this month, definitely.

I might be the only one, but I really HATE Be Natural. I kinda liked Happiness, but this is soooooo spineless. The song seems to be just a good excuse to put the girls in the SM boc and film them doing sexy move, but with clothes on. It’s trying to be classy, yet I can only see… I don’t really know, it’s so boring.

I have a hard time trying to decide if I like 12:30 or not. I still don’t really know.