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01. SoYu, Kwon Soonil, Park Yongin (Urban Zakapa) – The Space Between      ↑(7)
02. Kim Dong Ryul – Hom I Am      NEW
03. Ailee – Don’t Touche Me      ↑(6)
04. Postmen – I Can’t Go to Shinchon      ↓(3)
05. Adam Levine – Lost Stars OST      ↓(2)
06. IU – Sogyeokdong      NEW
07. Kwak Jinon, Kim Pill, Lim Dohyuk – Only You      ↓(5)
08. t Yoon Mi Rae – I Love You OST      ↓(4)
09. Iron – Poison      ↓(4)
10. Kim Dong Ryul – You      NEW
11. Park Boram – Beautiful (feat. Zico of Block B)      ↓(5)
12. WINNER – Empty      ↓(2)
13. Adam Levine – No One Else Like You      ↓(2)
14. NS Yoon-G, Giriboy – Anticipation Note      ↓(7)
15. Bobby – YGGR#Hip Hop      ↓(3)
16. Sistar – I Swear      ↓(3)
17. Kim Dong Ryul – Confession      NEW
18. Lim Dohyuk, Jang Wooram – Wild Flower      ↑(30)
19. San E, Raina (After School) – A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness      ↓(4)
20. Acoustic Collabo – It’s Strange, With You OST      ↑(9)
21. TaeTiSeo – Holler      ↓(5)
22. Bobby – Raise Your Guard and Bounce      ↓(5)
23. Kim Dong Ryul – Those Days (feat. Lee Sang Soon)      NEW
24. Keira Knightley – Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home OST      ↓(6)
25. Park Hyo Shin – Wild Flower      ↑(21)

I’m not that happy with the many ranks tracks from Kim Dong Ryul album are taking in the chart (my Zion.T is bumped to rank 26…). It’s ballad all over so, yeah, not happy.

Now, about IU’s song. In fact, it’s not exactly her song since it’s SeoTaiJi’s song. She doing her version of it for some kind of project. This song as a special place in my heart, not so much because of the melody, the lyrics or the MV, but because of the subject. Sogyeokdong is an actual place in South Korea where SeoTaiJi grew up. But for all the history part of the MV, I’ll redirect you to this post who will do a better job at explaining it all than me : What is Seo Taiji’s Sogyeokdong? Anyway, that part of Korea’s history is one of my favorite one ever because it’s really really dark and not that well-known. And I think it’s awesome that someone is bringing it to light through Kpop since I’m sure most fan don’t really know/care about Korean history, except when there’s a historical drama with some hot dude in it. But I’ve never really seen a drama about that period either (maybe because it would be too intense, too violent, too sad to bear – maybe for political reasons, but that’s another issue, and it’s a bit too complicated to explain it all here). About the music, I really like the way they used the electronic sound at the start and I think I like the intro more than the whole song. I’m really looking forward to SeoTaiJi version because, even though I like IU, I don’t love her version all that much. That said, I do like the song. Anyway, we shall see.