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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
41. Acoustic Collabo – I Miss You So Much OST
48. Lim Dohyuk, Jang Wooram – Wild Flower
54. Kim Bum Soo – Teardrop Of My Heart
56. Krystal (f(x)) – All Of A Sudden OST
59. Song Ji Eun (Secret) – Don’t Look At Me Like That
96. Troy – Why Are We?
97. TaeTiSeo – Adrenaline
98. DK (December) – I Got A Letter From

Song Chart
79. Crucial Star – Paris
80. Brown Eyed Soul – Did We Really Love
83. Buzz – Train
84. Lena Park – No String Attached (feat. Hanhae of PHANTOM)
90. Ailee – Crazy (feat. Dynamic Duo)
91. Ulala Session – I’ll Be There (Original Ver.)

Even though I’m not into Teardrop Of My Heart, I have to say that Kim Bum Soo has a really great and pretty voice.

Don’t Look At Me Like That is good. The chorus and the bridge are great and catchy. Even though it’s a ballad, it has this rock upbeat twist to it here and there. That said, it is nowhere near the awesomeness of False Hope from last year. That said, like that previous one, I’m guessing it won’t get that much attention. I don’t know why her songs always get released at the end of a month, like really in the last few days, because it’s the worst time to release stuff… Anyway, they should try to make a new concept for her because she’s also stuck in a genre that is not “taking” all that much, even though it suits her well.

It’s not really that common that I like/enjoy a Crucial Star’s song. Paris is laid back and fun. The song is smooth and I like it. The chorus is so-so though, both because of the lyrics and the melody. But the rest is really really good.

I’m impressed by Lena Park’s song. I sometimes have trouble liking her music for some reason. But this time, it’s fun. I’m not saying I’ll listen to it all the time, but it’s something I could enjoy now and then.