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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place (no new song in the first 25 places this week)
32. TaeTiSeo – Whisper
72. Yoon Gun – Meet in the Autumn
77. John Park – U
79. LYn – Thank You My Dear
93. The One – Don’t Forget
95. T-ARA – Sugar Free (BigRoom Ver.)
99. MC Sniper – Coke Bottle (feat. Bumkey)
100. Adam Levine – Lost Stars (Into The Night Mix) OST

Song Chart
80. TEAM B – Wait For Me
82. Homme (Changmin, Lee Hyun) – Standing in the Shade of Trees
83. Damiano – No Diet (feat. G.O of MBLAQ)
87. 2Bic – Love Game
93. Lee Sun Hee – Fate
98. Nasty Nasty (Kevin, Kyeong Ree, So Jin) – Knock
100. Cool – Aloha

I usually don’t like John Park all that much. But this time, U grew on me. It got this little rock twist that I quite like and the voice of John Park goes with the song nicely. I’m sure it still won’t be for everyone, but it’s maybe a bit more upbeat and even a bit more mainstream than what we’re used to with him.

So T-ARA came back… I don’t hate Sugar Free that much, but I cannot say I’m really totally happy with it. I’m super hard on T-ARA I know. But that’s because I love them so much that when they come with a song that isn’t up to the standard I’m used too, I’m really terribly disappointed. I enjoy Sugar Free now and then, but I know I’ll get tired of it pretty fast. I just hope they get out of their EDM phase and come back to their more bubbly upbeat disco/dance phase.

Now, about Nasty Nasty : I really loved the song a lot. I listened to it non stop for a few days. Then, while I was walking down the street one day, I thought about the song and it transformed naturally into Troublemaker. I thought “ok, I guess this MV and the one for Now are quite similar, but still, why?”. And I realised that some of the arrangement for part of Troublemaker and Knock are really similar to one another. So that’s that. I don’t know if my love for the song will last long though because there’s also part of the song I don’t care much for.