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8traks playlist

MV Playlist

01. ESNA – I, I Love You
02. Hoody – Baby Oh Baby
03. Jay Park – The Promise
04. Clazziquai Project – Madly
05. Sistar – I Swear
06. KARA – Mamma Mia
07. Taemin – Danger
08. Jace – My Serenade
09. Red Velvet – Happiness
10. Secret – I’m In Love
11. Mayson The soul – 6 to 9 (feat. Loco)
12. Jay Park – So Good (feat. Common Ground)
13. Baechigi – Boy Jump (feat. Hwa Sa of MAMAMOO)
14. Lip Service – Too Fancy
15. EXID – Up&Down
16. Orange Caramel – My Copycat
17. SunnyHill – Monday Blues
18. Lee Kyung Hyun, Lee Ye Joon – Curious About You
19. WINNER – Empty
20. Kim Su Bin – 너일까봐
21. Rainbow99 – Cherry Blossom

So this time around , I’ve started the playlist with something more smooth. I had a bit of a hard time (like about every time I do these playlist hehe) because there wasn’t such a big range of different beat somehow. I hope it turns out well anyway.

Here are the few songs I’ve been listening too A LOT more than the others one. Sure, I, I Love You, of course, since it was featured in my BTSSB section. I really like Baby Oh Baby, I think because of the chorus. I like its groovy R&B bedroom vibe. Every Clazziquai songs I’ve been listening too from their future new album as been a great musical blessing so far.

Even though I’ve put them way down below, you should check out the more unknown songs I’ve put there. First there’s this bubbly cute song Curious About You, which is great in many level and I’m actually astonished I haven’t heard more people talk about it. Then there’s Kim Su Bin song that captured me right away even though it’s ballad. There’s something about the melody of her voice, but I cannot find words to describe it. Finally, there’s Cherry Blossom from Rainbow99. This song made me browse around the indie scene a lot more this month and I’ve found great new band that I’ll follow from now on. Sure, it’s instrumental and far away from most of what I usually put in those playlist, but it’s sooooo pretty and peaceful, and I do listen to instrumental peaceful stuff a lot now and then so I was really happy to find this song. I’ve listen to a few other songs of his album (“Seoul”) and it’s a bit more intense, not really my taste. But if you like industrial stuff, you should check it out.

Finally, on another note, I’m happy with the latest Baechigi song and the fact the featured a member of MAMAMOO. The thing is, I would really like they try to get out of this subgenre they’ve been in for the last few songs. I would love to see them get back to something just a bit more dark maybe. I have trouble with the vintage cabaret vibe the Korean music scene I’ve been going through this year and I really pray that 2015 will not linger in it too much.