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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
29. Bobby – YGGR#Hip Hop
46. Adam Levine – Lost Stars OST
48. WheeSung, Bumkey – How Much Is Your Love (feat. Jessi of Lucky J)
52. Shin Hye Sung, Lim Chang Jung – Doll
60. Ulala Session – Love Fiction OST
81. Vasco – 187 (feat. Im Sung Hyun)
89. Adam Levine – No One Else Like You OST
97. Illionaire Records – YGGR (Feat. Mc Meta)
98. Super Junior – MAMACITA

Song Chart
84. Hyungdon & Daejun – Real Bad Girl
87. Banhana – The Woman
88. Yoon Do Hyun – Me These Days (feat. Tablo, K.Will)
91. Sistar – Hold On Tight
92. Lee Sun Hee – Fate
93. Boohwal – The Love
100. BESTie – I Need You

My love for Super Junior was never the highest one. There’s one or 2 really amazing song, but I feel like most of their songs are made on the same frame and after a while, I get easily tired of them. The really awesome thing about MAMACITA is the MV. It has a story, there’s even a drama version (because there’s a reason for it) and it’s a bit less a SM MV than just a good MV. The song is good too, but as I said, I don’t know if I’ll still enjoy it after a few weeks.

Also, I think I kinda like I Need You from BESTie. I’m not entirely sure though. I’m just so used to not really being all that into BESTie’s song so it’s hard to wrap my mind around it.