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You know the drill.

Almost made it, so number 11. Andamiro – Waiting (feat. Double K)
I wasn’t sure if this was more Kpop since Andamiro used to do Kpop stuff. At least a little. So I’ve put it here instead. I remember being really deeply in love with this song when it came out. I still like it a lot (but maybe I’ve listened to it a bit too much). I’m a bit pissed that it didn’t get more recognition. Maybe it was because the MV was a bit too simplistic.

10. The Jaywalker – It Ain’t Over
It’s a smooth piece, with a really contemplative side to it. I really enjoyed it, mainly when I’m traveling either really early or late at night. Or when it snows. It’s not for everyone though.

9. Prepix – When I Get Paid (feat. Yoseop)
First, the MV is really really special (in a good way). The song is really good and the beat is great. Yoseop’s voice goes nicely with it. I really listened to this song a lot in 2013.

8. Rhythm Power – Bond Girl (feat. Zion.T)
Something a bit more upbeat this time. Sure, I’m a bit biased since Zion.T is in it. The song is really fun though, and lively. It makes you wanna dance and jump everywhere. I also smile at the Primary cameo. You know you’ve done your MV right when Primary is in the background.

7. Primary – Happy Ending (feat. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child & Gary of Leessang)
This was in my Top 10 of summer 2013. I still like it a lot and I feel like it was, all in all, one of the really nice KIndie song released in 2013. The suave voice of the female vocalist is really pretty and goes well with the background music. The MV is so-so, but yeah…

6. Mayson The Soul – Holiday (feat. Beenzino)
Mayson The Soul was a revelation for my in 2013. I bought his album and I really enjoyed his music. If you like this one, you should check Bus Stop too (though it’s way smoother).

5. Dynamic Duo – Hot Wings (feat. Hyorin)
I have a soft spot for Dynamic Duo, as you may know. I like Hot Wings a lot and thought it’s a good representative of the year 2013 since Hyorin is featured in it. I like the fact that Gaeko is singing a lot in this track too since I think he has a really nice voice. The MV is quite intriguing too.

4. Zion.T – Miss Kim
This song was released really late in 2013, but it was still a big hit for me. I really enjoyed it a lot and learn the lyrics almost immediately. I like the MV too, this retro vibe with the typewriter, the cars, the clothes and the tap-dancing. It’s not my favorite Zion.T song but it still really high up in my heart. Also, you can really feel the sincerity through his voice, or I don’t know, I feel like there’s a depth in the way he sings this song.

3. Cheeze – Mango
First, watch the MV, it’s splendid. Then, just listen to the song on its own without being distracted by the MV. This song is way better than what we think at first because there’s too much going on with the MV (though it’s also what makes this song so memorable). This song also as the best example of synth sound done properly. And that’s not a small thing. I like the way male and female singer voices mesh together.

2. Yozoh – This Means Goodbye
I’ve listened to this song over and over and over. This song is just that good. I had a hard time parting with it to leave more space for newer song. I was already smitten with Yozoh earlier that year, but this song closed the deal. And, on top of that, the MV is a mix of an indie movie from where I live. I think the movie goes well with the song too. If you haven’t listen to the song yet, go do it, now!

1. Dynamic Duo – BAAAM (feat. Muzie)
It isn’t a surprise. I feel in love with that song. It’s just that good. It’s even hard to express in word. And to think I discarded it at first…