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I know, it’s overdue. I wanted to do a few categories this year, but I have so little time to do everything I want that I thought it’s better to just do a Top 10 and get it over with. Maybe if I have more time in 2014, I’ll do more categories so we can have a more complete look of the past year of Korean music.

So without further ado, here’s my Top 10 :

Almost made it, so number 11. Infinite H – Without You (feat. Zion.T)
Yeah. It was too hard. I couldn’t sacrifice this one, but at the same time, I couldn’t put it in the Top 10 since I think it’s not exactly 100% Kpop. But it’s not exactly KIndie either. I had a hard time at first with this song, maybe because it was too hip-hop for me at the time. But now I love it and I do still listen to it, a lot.

10. 2PM – A.D.T.O.Y.
I could not do a Top 10 of 2013 without including this song. It has a personal story attach to it for me too. I think the MV did a lot for this song, because I remember having some kind of fangirl experience with it, even though I don’t fangirl, never ever. I still enjoy the song a lot, but without the MV, it’s not as good.

9. Shinhwa – This Love
Shinhwa came back in 2013 with a great song. I really really love this song a lot. That said, the MV was so-so. I still like the dance, but I felt it was maybe a bit cheesy at time. I love the whole song, but I have a soft spot for the bridge.

8. VIXX – Voodoo Doll
VIXX had a great year in 2013. It was hard just to pick one song. I like Hyde a lot too, but I have to say that Voodoo Doll did a bigger impression on me. The MV was really really good, and the song is close to perfection. The only thing is that I was expecting a bit more from the chorus. I feel like it’s blending too much with the rest of the song. In Hyde, the chorus stand out yet it’s still harmonious with the rest of the song.

7. Jay Park – Joah
I have history with this song too. I wanted to put at least one song of Jay Park on the Top 10 because I thought he had a great year too. I really loved Welcome and I Like 2 Party, but I think Joah was such a big thing in 2013 that I had to go with it. I liked it a lot because it was in between the softy Jay Park of Star, and the more tugs life Jay Park of whatever rap song he released. Yeah sure, it was still way more on the soft side than on the tough guy side, but it still had that “street” vibe.

6. T-ARA N4 – Jeon Won Diary
T-ARA had a so-so year. But I really really really enjoyed Jeon Won Diary. It was just so much fun and close to what I love in T-ARA. I had a bit of trouble when I first watch/hear that song, but I grew on me quickly and I started to try to learn the dance move (and when I do, that means I’m into it). I would have cut the Double K part though.

5. Miss A – Hush
I wanted to put this one higher on the Top 10. But I thought even though it’s one of my favorite Miss A song of all time, it wasn’t representative of 2013 since they released really late in the year. Do I need to tell why I love this song? Just go watch the MV.

4. Seungri – Gotta Talk To You
Even though there’s so kind of problem with the pronunciation of the chorus, I still really really like this song. And I thought it did well also. For me, it was one of the biggest hit of the year. I was a bit disappointed by the MV, but it was still really nice. And the dance/techno part at the end, why?

3. Sistar – Give It To Me
I couldn’t do a Top 10 of 2013 without this song. It did so well and it followed me for a very long time. I feel like, with Hyorin having so many things going on that year and Sistar 19 having a big hit also, Sistar is now one of the major girlsgroup out there. I like the song and the MV is just gorgeous, and still, there’s a funny twist with it too.

2. Girl’s Day – Expectation
I’m obsessed with this song. The dance moves, the song itself, everything. And from that point on, Girl’s Day have bloomed. It just sad that it kinda shadowed Rania’s Just Go, who was a really really great song too.

1. MBLAQ – Smoky Girl
Do I need to explain why? Yeah, sure, it’s not as elaborated as other song. But it worked so well and it still does.