I’ve been trying really hard with Red Light, from f(x).

It’s now really starting to grow on me. But still, I cringe every time the chorus comes up. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s that there’s something wrong with the way things are connected to each other in this song. Like maybe the last note of the bridge doesn’t go well with the first note of the chorus or something. I really like the bridge a lot though. And I feel like the verse might be a bit to long so that my ears get use to the feel of the verse+bridge, then the chorus mess things up too much and I have trouble “balancing” everything out…

Maybe all this happened because I was expecting sooooo damn much (maybe too much?) and the MV is so damn good, and that in my mind, the song doesn’t really live up to its greatness.

One thing I’m wondering though is that Kpop is, at least for me, usually an easy digested music. I like, I don’t, that’s about it. I had to work on this one. It didn’t even came up from itself as the few other song I’ve listed in this segment. So I’m like, maybe it’s the work I did I like more than the song itself? Maybe I’m somewhat forcing this song down my throat? I’m still puzzled about it quite a bit, but yeah. I guess I didn’t pull it off my playlist yet so that’s a good thing.

Least convincing “mea culpa” ever ahaha