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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
27. f(x) – MILK
30. god – Saturday Night
32. god – Sing For Me (feat. IU)
44. f(x) – All Night
54. god – Stand Up
57. Yoo Seung Woo – Because Night Is So Precious (Clean Ver.)
65. god – Smile
72. god – I Like It
80. Park Ji Yoon – YooHoo
84. god – G’Swag
92. Baek Ah Yeon – Morning of Canon OST
94. god – 5+4+1+5=15
95. Swings – 역주행 [yeokjuhaeng] (feat. Dok2, Genius Nochang)

Song Chart
96. god – Ahjussi and Megan Lee
97. 100% – U Beauty
98. f(x) – Butterfly
99. Gummy, Hwanhee – Falling Star

I’m not really that into god. But I have to say I kinda like Saturday Night. The MV is a lot of fun and the song is too. I’m not that much into the chorus though, but I like all verses. It’s just really funny and funky all over so yeah, it’s different from all the ballads they’ve been given us for the last few week. The song with IU is not bad too. Also, Stand Up would have been a great song to do a MV since I find it’s really upbeat and joyful.

I’m also impressed by Yoo Seung Woo’s song. And since it’s a ballad, and I still like it, I think most people will too.

YooHoo is one of my least favorite song by Park Ji Yoon, but I still like it more than most song in this newbies list. I still enjoy it plenty too whenever it pops up in my playlist. The MV concept is still partially into the 70’s vibe with all these hippies stuff everywhere.

U Beauty is alright, but I’m really not impressed by it. I usually am half and half with 100%. This one is in the bad half, but not too low either. It’s still enjoyable and I guess I can understand why people would like it.

I think Butterfly is my favorite track in the new f(x) album. But it kinda end weird. The first 2/3 of the song is good, the last part is lacking energy or something. Except this one, maybe MILK isn’t all that bad.