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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
30. Hyomin – Nice Body (with Loco)
39. Ra.D – Fly Away
44. Bro – My Confession
62. Jung In – As Life Goes On OST
67. Davichi – Don’t Move
90. Mose – Let’s Not Meet Again (feat. Hanhae of Phantom)
91. Fiestar – One More
94. Tiny-G – Ice Baby
98. Epik High – Umbrella (feat. Younha)
100. Clazziquai Project – Love Satellite

Song Chart
98. Zizo – Run
99. god – One Candle

No clue why Hyomin is making the chart with her terrible terrible song.

We also have two “revival” : Epik High Umbrella (I guess this one might get mixed up with the new Younha song of the same name) and god One Candle.

If you’ve seen my last K-Blend playlist, you know by now that Run and Fly Away are in it. So yeah, those song are great! They’re on the June playlist because they were released on the last day of June.

This first week of July give my hope for this month new music. June was sorta weak. Sure, there was really awesome song that were released during the month, but there was not that many. This time, we’re already hitting it big with songs like One More and Love Satellite. I really really love them a lot, each for different reason. Love Satellite sounds like what I love about Clazziquai Project. It’s half groovy/jazzy, half electro/synth. One More is just totally catchy. The MV is a bit meh for me, I’m use to over the top pop concept from Fiestar so I would have like yes maybe something a bit less aegyo, a bit more sexy, but at least something with some kind of plot or story or a greater concept than just girls rolling around sorta touching themselves.

Tiny-G came back also, but I’m disappointed by this new song, mainly because their last single was so great and even the song they did for the FIFA 2014 was good. I’m not blaming the member that quit for this (because it has nothing to do with it anyway). In fact, the girl who left was my least favorite (and even, somehow, she irritated me every time I saw her in their MVs). I thought Tiny-G was going for the badass image or some kind of girl power thing. With this song and MV, they became aegyo white doves and I’m like “why?”