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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
30. Taeyeon (SNSD) – Love, That One Word OST
31. 15& – Sugar
47. VIXX – Eternity
66. Kim Yeon Woo – Move (feat. Park Kyung of Block B)
70. Jung Joon Young, Younha – Just The Way You Are
76. Jason Mraz – Love Someone
92. Mamamoo, Geeks – Hi Hi Ha He Ho
95. 15& – Rain and Cry
100. Mariah Carey – You Don’t Know What To Do (Feat. Wale)

Song Chart
91. So Hyang – 비의 랩소디
96. CNBLUE – Ryu Can Do It
100. M to M – There’s No Way (feat. Domina G)

First of all, let me just say that I totally don’t know why and when they put American songs in the chart. I don’t really get it since there’s an individual chart for this already… anyway.

I only have a very few thing to say about those. First of all, I think Sugar is okay. It’s fun and all, but it doesn’t catch you as much as other really great stuff. I feel like 15& could be really great, but they kinda lack something for the moment.

Eternity is good. I’m a bit biased when it comes to VIXX though. That said, this song is not the greatest they’ve put out there, nor is the MV. I was kinda upset about how they styled their hair, mainly what they did with Ravi’s hair… And the concept is something we all seen so much before. The only thing I like is the dance, and even then, they had greater dance before too. The song is still good, but every time it comes up on my playlist, I have to think for a while about which one it is and by whom. It’s not memorable. It still has that VIXX sound, but it’s not that unique either. So yeah, I’ll be looking for the next one.

Just The Way You Are could be a great song. And I think it is. But I have sooooo much trouble with Jung Joon Young voice… His voice is just too much for me, like it’s all there is and there’s no space for anything else, ever. Like silence. Because music is also silence, the balance between the sound and the silence. His voice is too overpowering, and I cannot stand it. I like the song, but I cannot listen to it because it irritates me. If you don’t have the same issue though, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Finally, CNBLUE song for Ryu Hyun Jin. I feel like this could be a really good song. But since it has this message and this angle about it, I’m not digging it as much. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing the baseball player on the cover of the single and it disturbs me from the music, but yeah, sorry. If you think you might not have the same problem, go and listen to it because it’s good.