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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
30. INFINITE – Last Romeo
33. Orange Caramel – Abing Abing
35. Phantom – Seoul Lonely (feat. Gain)
37. Urban Zakapa – Like a Bird
39. Ji Yeon – Never Ever
43. Fly To The Sky – Like A Lie
47. Fly To The Sky – Unknow Farewell (feat. Kim Na Young)
51. Chang Min(2AM), Melody Day – The Very Last First
54. Yuna Kim – Without You Now (feat. tYoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, Bizzy)
63. Sweet Sorrow – Beautiful
65. Fly To The Sky – Even If Ten Years Pass
70. Fly To The Sky – You
82. Kim Bo Kyung, Punch – Drink With Me Now
83. Park Seojun – Come Into My Heart OST
86. Fly To The Sky – Kiss & Say Goodbye
92. Kim Greem – Slide To Unlock
95. Fly To The Sky – So Cool

Song Chart
92. Fly To The Sky – We
97. Humming Urban Stereo – Bullshit (feat. Narsha)
100. Yoon Jong Shin – New You (with Im Seulong of 2AM)

Ok, stop everything now and listen to Bullshit right now! This song is soooooo good! I’ve listen to the whole album and this song stand out so much because… wow! Narsha is killing it and the beat is great and just wow! So yeah, go and listen to it. I would have like a great MV to accompany it though.

Now about the rest : I wasn’t really impress by Last Romeo. I just feel like there’s nothing punching out in this song and it’s just a bit bleh, like it’s too flat or something. The MV didn’t really help the song that much either. So I just hope INFINITE release something better before the year ends because I genuinely love this band.

I didn’t really like Abing Abing either. Catallena started to grow more on me a few days ago, but I still don’t listen to it too often. That’s the thing with most of Orange Caramel song : I like the concept, but the music is a bit repetitive and I get tired of their song easily. It’s like I still love the song, but cannot listen to them anymore after some point.

Never Ever is a good song. But it’s not really outstanding either. I still like it though, don’t get me wrong, but against Good-night Kiss for example, it’s a bit less catchy, a bit less exciting maybe. It might be because it’s a bit more slow pace and most of T-ARA slow-paced song are not really my cup of tea.