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Since the 2014 FIFA is coming in about half a month, let me introduce you to these great songs that were done to support the Taegeuk Warriors. You can see they went all in with great singer and bands, like Ailee, Dickpuncks, Tiny-G, AOA and others.

I’m not putting all the tracks of the album in the playlist (since some of them I don’t like that much), but you’ll have a good idea of the overall quality of it. Those are my favorite and I’m getting really excited to cheer for the team this summer.

I’ll give you a complete listing of the album here (but I think not every song as a MV) :
Red Devil 5th ‘We Are The Reds’
01. Ailee – Fighting Spirit
02. Keepop, Yoon Hyung Bin & Seo Doo Won – We Are The Reds
03. The Friends – I Love Korea
04. Trans Fixion & Minah – To the Victory 2014
05. Dickpunks – Run! My Friend
06. AOA – You, Spread the Wings of Victory
07. Jung Joon Young & Soul Dive – Always Reds
08. Tiny-G – Go Reds Go
09. Broken Valentine – Go All
10. Romantic Punch – Jump for Tomorrow (Cheering Song Edition)

If you ever stumble upon one of the T-shirt they are wearing in those MV, let me know, I’m trying to get one before the first game.

I’ve put my 2 favorite in one of my K-Blend playlist too since I listened to those 2 a lot when they were released back in March.