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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place (no new song in the first 25 rank this week)
34. Lena Park – Next Year
46. Sonnet Son – Different Tears Everyday
47. Baek Ah Yeon – The Three Things I Have Left OST
54. Lee Ji Young – Miracle
68. Mario – Damage (feat. Kim Boa of SPICA)
88. Outsider – Hand

Song Chart
86. JQ, Lady Jane – Unbelievable Story 2
88. Aoora – Vanilla Sky (feat. Hoik)
96. Seomoon Tak – The Seventh Spring

A few good stuff here and there. Lena Park has a great voice even though I don’t like the song all that much. Sonnet Son has an interesting song, it’s not bad.

Miracle could be a great song, but there’s too much synth and way too much tremolo in that singer’s voice…

I think I like Damage, mainly for the chorus and Kim Boa’s part. And it’s upbeat and poppy-ish enough for a somewhat rap-like song.

Even though Outsider has a GREAT MV for his song, I’m not that into the song itself, it’s a bit to harsh and packed for me to enjoy. But hey, A+ for the animation!

Unbelievable Story 2 is not bad too. Each part is nicely balance with one another, so that’s good. And the girls’ part is pretty.