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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
29. Akdong Musician – Anyway
31. Akdong Musician – Galaxy
35. Akdong Musician – Idea
44. 2BiC – Love Game
50. Bernard Park – Right Here Waiting
57. Toheart – Tell Me Why (Broadcasting Ver.)
64. Eddy Kim – Push & Pull
68. Eddy Kim – The Manual
77. Kwon Jin Ah – Love
81. Jay Park – Metronome (feat. Simon Dominic & Gray)
85. The One – Where The Love Falls
89. Lee Sun Hee – Fate
95. 15& – Can’t Hide It
96. Ko Yu Jin – Wish
99. Ben – I Want To Know

Song Chart
93. Lee So Ra – I Am A Star
96. NC.A – I’m Different
97. Eric Nam – Ooh Ooh (feat. Hoya of INFINITE)
98. 2000won – I Hate Seoul

I really like Eddy Kim so far, but I don’t really like Push & Pull, it’s a bit too bleh for me. That said I’m totally in love with The Manual and its acoustic softness. If you don’t know him yet, at least check that one out.

I don’t really get how Metronome isn’t more popular than that. I really enjoy this song a lot. It’s not as funky as I Like 2 Party, and it’s not Joah or Welcome, but still, it’s good and I like the chorus, it’s catchy and the beat is nice. Is it the MV then? If it is than it’s a bit ridiculous. But then again, I get how some MV can be quite distracting at times. Still, pretty good song.

I never really enjoy any Eric Nam’s song, before this one that is. This song is really really good and it just wanna make you get up and dance. It’s super funky and fun. It’s just a shame it’s not more popular too. I know I put the MV from his entertainment company official channel (the real official channel), but even the one on 1theK isn’t doing that great (meaning it has less than a million views). I hope he still continues to do some song like this one now and then though because his ballads aren’t as good as this song.