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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
26. Crayon Pop – Uh-ee
29. Sonnet Son – I’m Okay, Now
37. NS Yoon-G – Yasisi
40. Yoon Min Soo & Shin Yong Jae (4MEN) – Fate
49. Mad Clown – Stalker (feat. Crucial Star)
59. Eddy Kim – 2 Years Apart
86. Kwon Jin Ah – Even After Ten Years Pass
90. Busker Busker – The Flower in week 3 of March “song chart”
91. Jeon Woo Sung (Noel) – Any Time
92. Lee Moon Se – After The Sorrow Passes OST
94. Park Shin Hye – Arm Pillow
96. Lee So Ra – 운 듯
97. Kim Bo Kyung – Words That My Heart Shouts OST

Song Chart
89. M.I.B – Chisa’Bounce
90. John Park – Alcohol
92. K.Will – Love Blossom
97. APink – Sunday Monday
99. Badkiz – Ear Attack
100. Jjarimongddang – Passionate Goodbye

First off : I’m disappointed with Crayon Pop new song. It lacks this pop cheerleading sound that made their Christmas song and Bar Bar Bar such great song. I’m even not that fond of the dance. I think, in fact, that I like the beat of the very first part of the MV way more than any part of the song…

I really like Yasisi. I though, after watching some MV teaser that I would just but terribly tacky and in some way, the MV is a bit, but the song is just really enjoyable. My favorite part is the chorus, but mainly the first part of it. I always want to burst out dancing when she says “Baby touch like that, touch like that”, it’s just soooo catchy. And, even though the dance is kinda really simple, I like it too.

I kinda like 2 Years Apart too. I’ve seen some acoustic live stuff from Eddy Kim since I’m a subscriber or Mystic89 channel on YouTube (and they’re promoting the hell out of this kid). It’s fun yet not like the kind of sound you’re that used to in Korean music most of the time. It has this lay back acoustic vibe to it, something smooth, yet still really groovy. It might take more than one time to really dig it though, but it’s still pretty enjoyable from the start.

While listening to Stalker, I’ve realised I have a lot of trouble listening to music, mainly rapper, that are swearing at a woman or women in general. I know some of them out there are not always the best human being ever, I get that. But it’s just that I feel there’s already so much violence and hatred towards women as it is that adding some on top of that, calling them “hoes”, “bitch”, and stuff, saying “fuck you” to them is maybe a bit uncalled for. It’s not that I have trouble with swearing in general, in fact I feel it’s a great way to express anger, but there’s some situation I don’t like it, like this one. It’s really really really far from the happy” twist of the numerous “fuck you” in Cee Lo Green song for example. Maybe it has to do with the background of rap and the culture it got associated with or the way they say it, kinda harsh and all. I don’t know.

It’s a shame that Chisa’Bounce isn’t a bit better. I feel like it’s lacking something catchy, like in the chorus or something. It’s a shame mainly because I think Kang Nam is really talented and I would like to see more of him (even though he says he admires Chris Brown, that’s a shame too). But the song is not special enough to be really good. And I think at one point, it might be a good idea to let go of the association between the name of the group and the movie Men In Black because it’s kinda getting old.