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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
46. Ali – Because of You
47. Gain – A Tempo
53. Troy – Green Light
71. Gummy – You’re Calling Me OST
75. Hong Dae Kwang – Thank You My Love
79. Bro – That Kind of Guy
86. Sunmi – 24 hours
89. Electroboyz – Bang Bang Crossroads
92. Song Ji Eun (Secret) – If Only I Can Go To You OST
93. Na Yoon Kwon – The Light OST
94. Sunny Hill – Cunning Thoughts OST
96. Standing Egg – Lean On Me (feat. Park Se Young)

Song Chart
81. Busker Busker – The Flower
84. 100% – Beat
85. Lim Chang Jung – Should I… (feat. JED)
87. Lim Chang Jung – One Day
89. Lim Chang Jung – Fool
92. Timber, Lim Jeong Hee – There Is No Love
93. Bernard Park – Home
94. Lee Michelle – Without You
95. NC.A – Hello Baby
96. Lim Chang Jung – Forget Die
99. MBLAQ – Our Relationship

Not to pleased with A Tempo since I prefer more upbeat music from Gain. This one is more of a ballad.

Thank You My Love is not bad, but maybe just a bit too intense and overly joyful for me. At least the musical dance in the MV fit really well with the song.

I like Bang Bang Crossroad like most of Electroboyz song. Maybe because, most of the time, they do somewhat really similar song. The only thing I have against it is about the MV concept. It kinda makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, or maybe I didn’t quite get the MV. But, if I was the girl in the MV, and 3 boys were starting to somewhat harass/touch-hold-faketofallonme/follow me on the street, I would do much more than just some shy giggles. I would be kinda scared and I would try to get some help from passersby or something. Am I the only one who’s a bit creeped out by this kind of MV concept?

I really like Beat also. I wasn’t sure what to expect from 100% since their debut song was so great, but after that, not so much. But this one is great enough that I’ll be looking forward for their next song. I feel like it’s a bit alike the latest VIXX MV concept though.

Lee Michelle’s Without You is a great and powerful song. I think maybe they overdid it a bit with the plot of the MV, but you cannot deny how great her voice is and how awesome is the song. I hope it get higher on the chart soon since she deserves it.