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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
30. Shin Yong Jae – Love You, Erase You, Cry Again OST
33. Toheart (WooHyun, Key) – Delicious
48. Monday Kiz – Because of You
49. Navi – Gone Too Far
52. Kim Soo Hyun – Promise OST
86. 2000won – Beautiful (with Ailee)
92. Joosuc – Green Light (feat. Andrew Choi)
97. Lee Ji Young (Big Mama) – Lie OST
98. Crucial Star – Three Things I Want to Give You (feat. Sojin Of Girl’s Day)
99. The One – One Two Three Four
100. Huh Gong – I Love You

Song Chart
81. Troy – Green Light
91. Lee Jeok – 40 Something
92. Lunafly – Special Guy (feat. Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls)
98. Philtre – Last Scene (with Choiza, Lim Kim)
100. Park Soo Jin – My Story

I don’t know if it’s because it’s getting late or that I’m more sensitive after watching some TV, but I like this OST. Well… like… it’s not like I’ll be listening to it tomorrow, but I can bear it and feel touched by it. And considering Love You, Erase You, Cry Again is sung by one of the two member of 4MEN, it’s kind of a big deal for me to like this song. I cannot say I’m in my right mind so you should try it to check if it’s fine or not.

I really wanted to like Delicious, I did. But I kinda don’t. It’s not that I hate it either, it’s just I expected more maybe? It feels like it could have been so much better. Somehow, I feel like it lacks character or something somehow. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the chorus is so not catchy or special, at least not for me. Or it’s the “delicious” that is said all the time in the background and in the verse… I don’t know. Maybe they put all their eggs in the fact Toheart is WooHyun and Key and so the rest didn’t need much more to work.

Because of You is a boring ballad, really.

I had big expectation for Navi’s new song because I love her last one so much. This one is good, but I’m a tiny bit disappointed (that’s the thing with expectations). Still, I like it, it’s fun and the chorus is catchy. The MV is a bit boring, it could have been better with at least a little dance or something, but they went for an artsy vibe, and they didn’t push it that far either so it’s just a bit blend.

Promise is, I think, the song Kim Soo Hyun sings IN the drama My Love From The Stars. But without the scene to back it up (and even with it), it’s a bit lacking… And well, it’s a ballad and it’s a bit repetitive since it was done to be this kind of song sung in intimacy and stuff.

Beautiful is… not great. I feel like they try to mix to many thing together without thinking that it might end up being sort of a mess. There one part where Ailee sings with the main vocal guy, that’s the only great part since their voice mix really well together. But for the rest, meh…

The first Green Light of the list is quite interesting. It’s fun and it’s a good track to bouncing your head to. I like the mix between the chorus and the verse. It’s really upbeat and groovy. I don’t know if I’ll listen to it all that much, but still, it’s great when you need a boost of energy.

Lie is a OST that isn’t exactly like most OST I get to check out with the Melon chart, but it’s still not quite my kind of song. It’s a bit less like a “ballad recipe”, and I feel like it’s a bit more felt too. There’s more dept in the way it’s sung maybe? I don’t know. I might actually enjoy it if I would have watch what it was made for.

Crucial Star song is a surprise for me. I really though I wouldn’t like it. And yet, it’s really fun and I like it enough to listen to it a lot more. The MV isn’t a big deal, but still, the concept is interesting enough too. It’s kind of a light-hearted bubbly spring song with soft rap part. It’s hard to describe, but it’s refreshing.

I really like the second Green Light too actually. It’s more jazzy than the first one and the MV is quite fun with the costumes and the dance. One of my favorite for this month so far in fact. It’s just a great fun track and it’s terribly catchy.

40 Something takes itself way too seriously with the dramatic drums now and then and the serious song and stuff. I really don’t like it.

I was really surprise with Special Guy too, mainly because I really don’t like Lunafly that much. Last year, everyone was like “OMG, they’re so dreamy” and stuff and I didn’t care that much for the “visual” aspect of the band and I thought their music sucked big time. But this time around, they did a track that moves a lot more. I still don’t care about them as, you know, “eye-candy”, but I like the track a lot. And Miryo’s part is really great, even thought it’s a bit short. Her voice add a lot to the last few chorus too.

Last Scene might become one of the best song of this year. Nothing less. I was really excited for this new song since Philtre did a great job last year. This song is just soooo perfectly balanced with each part of it : the rap verses of Choiza, the chorus sung by Lim Kim and the electro solo. The MV is really pretty and artsy too. Just check it out already. I bought the album even though the other song isn’t as great just because I couldn’t skip giving my money to this much awesomeness.

My Story could be okay, but I’m just so distracted by the MV I have a hard time focusing on the song. It’s a ballad and it’s pretty but except from that… On its own, I think it’s not that great.