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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
30. Jung Eun Ji (A Pink) – It’s You OST
46. 40 – Counting Stars
77. Lee Young Hyun – It’s You
79. Standing Egg – Confession
80. Yangpa – L.O.V.E
86. Kim Greem – Always Spring Day (feat. EB)
90. DK (December) – Ing
95. BESTie – Thank U Very Much
96. 1PS – Because I’m Your Girl
97. Lyn – Back Hug
98. Jo Hyun Ah (Urban Zakapa) – Can You Love OST
99. V.O.S – Sin OST

Song Chart
87. Huh Gong – I Love You
90. The One – One Two Three Four
97. Primary – See Through (feat. Zion.T, Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)

First song is from a OST so I won’t talk much about it since you know where I stand on time and this one is exactly like most of those song.

Couting Stars is interesting enough even though it’s not exactly great. I really like the voice of the singer, and I would like to hear more stuff he did. I’ll look forward to new stuff from 40, but this song isn’t really catchy enough for me. It’s still good and you should at least try it. It’s a slow pace, lyrical ballad with a little blues vibe lingering in the background.

The second It’s You song (I think there’s already been like 10 of them just this year…) is a melodramatic ballad. It might be a bit better (somehow) then the first one, but still, I don’t like it for all the reason I usually have against those kind of ballad.

L.O.V.E is a bit strange. I don’t like it. It’s the way the say love-love-love-love-love. It’s sooo weird. It’s something in between a light-hearted ballad and a low pace pop song. But it’s definitely not great.

I was kinda disappointed with the new Kim Greem song since if I remember correctly, her last song was kind fun. But I might be wrong since there’s a lot of Kim out there… This one is a bubbly song, but it’s just kinda boring. And the rap part… I don’t get why they put it there.

Ing is a ballad. And it’s DK. So, yeah, I don’t really like it. It’s not too melodramatic though, maybe a bit more on the optimistic side or something like that, since it’s upbeat. But still…

Thank U Very Much had some potential. But it quickly died with the chorus. I’m not a big fan of BESTie either so maybe that’s one of the reason I don’t like this song. It’s too bubbly and girly-girl for me. The MV isn’t saving it either.

Because I’m Your Girl, on the other hand, is a bit more interesting. It still has this sound I don’t really like for a pop song (I think it’s the violins or something). I’m interested to see what 1PS has to offer after this though since I feel like those girls are ready to debut and that they seem to be doing a good job (as far as I can tell). But it’s not the best song for a debut I think. Anyway, we’ll see if they release something else this year and then I can compare or whatever.

Back Hug is another new song from Lyn. I don’t like Lyn that much as you might know now. I find this song a bit better than what she usually release though. I kinda like it in fact. It’s maybe not a song I would listen on repeat for a while, but I wouldn’t mind it if it came up randomly now and then, maybe. It has great balance and something a bit catchy. And it’s not mopy. In fact, if Lyn would do more of this kind of song, I might grow to like her.

Can You Love is a song from a OST just like most of them so I won’t bother saying much about it since it’s not unusual or special at all, sadly.

Sin is also from a OST and it’s super melodramatic, so I don’t like it either.

I Love You is a ballad too. I’m so bored…

One Two Three Four is the new song from The One. I don’t really like this singer all that much, and this song is just the kind of song I’m used to with him, so I’m not digging it, at all. I was hoping it might be a bit more upbeat since the title made me think it might be about a child song or some kind of happy stuff…