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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
29. Girls’ Generation – Goodbye
30. 2NE1 – Good To You
35. 2NE1 – MTBD (CL solo)
40. 2NE1 – Happy
43. Girls’ Generation – Wait A Minute
44. 2NE1 – Scream
45. 2NE1 – Baby I Miss You
56. Zia – The Day OST
66. Swings – Victorious 2 (feat. Gray)
74. Melody Day – Another Parting OST
75. YDG – JAJAJA (feat. Dynamic Duo, Crush)
84. Girls’ Generation – Europa
87. Din Din, Minha (Girl’s Day) – Just Holding Hands
88. 2NE1 – Come Back Home (Unplugged Ver.)
93. Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending
94. Girls’ Generation – Back Hug

Song Chart
90. Lee Young Hyun – It’s You
92. TVXQ! (DBSK) – Spellbound
93. Girls’ Generation – Soul
94. Standing Egg – Confession
97. Kim Yong Jun (SG Wannabe) – A Scene From A Breakup Movie (feat. Billion)
99. Acourve – This Is Not a Love Song (feat. Hanol, Rewind)

CRUSH Album Review [second part] (part 1 here)
Good To You is another ballad. It’s really good too, but it suffers from the same illness than If I Were You : it’s a bit blend compare to the rest of the album.
I understand how so many people like MTBD. I think it might even be better than The Baddest Female. That said, this genre isn’t really my cup of tea so I don’t like it as much as everybody else.
Happy is totally different from the album vide and at first, I thought I hated it. But now, I like it a lot. Maybe not as much as other 2NE1’s song, but enough so that I don’t skip it when it comes up on my random playlist. It’s this song you wanna sing to give you a little boost when you’re going to a breakup and just want to yell “F**K YOU” to your ex. It’s not all in your face like some other “empowering break-up song”, but it’s still kick ass enough, with a sugar-coating.
I already knew and LOVED Scream from its Japanese version. I was totally psyched for the Korean version, and I wasn’t disappointed. Sure, it’s a bit weird since I’m used to the sound of the Japanese word for this song, but I’m still really happy to have a Korean one and that the Korean fans are introduced to this awesome song. It’s one of my all time favorite of 2NE1, it’s that good.
Baby I Miss You is one the of the worst song of the album. There’s not much to say about it since I feel it wasn’t as thought through than the other track, and I even include Crush in this. It’s repetitive and kinda boring.
Finally, I was really pleased with the unplugged version of Come Back Home. For me, it’s even better than the original version. I like how it’s soft, but still strong for the chorus and the CL part is just perfect with the acoustic vibe. It’s just… I have no word for how much I like it. It’s that good, seriously.
As a whole, I like this album, though I won’t say it’s there best ever. It’s lacking here and there and, even though there’s a few song that I really really love a lot, I feel like they sometimes don’t connect that well with one another. That said, if you like, love or are a hardcore fan of 2NE1, it’s a good album to get for your collection since I would say, even though it’s not the best, it has those great and awesome songs you cannot disregard. I would give it a 7.5/10 on my awesomeness scale.

Mr.Mr. EP Album Review (first track review here)
As you can see, all of the Girls’ Generation new album is in the Melon chart too, but just not as highly ranked as 2NE1’s album (except for the main track, of course).
First of all, let me say that I think they should have put Goodbye as the main title for this EP and promote it accordingly. This song is soooo good. I feel like everything they missed with Mr.Mr. is in there. It’s a lot more like the Girls’ Generation I’m used to and like. Great upbeat song that makes me wanna dance to it, or at least bob my head to the rhythm.
I also kinda like Wait A Minute even though it’s a bit else captivating than Goodbye. Maybe it’s because it has this little background music that remind me of Apink or any other girls band with too much aegyo. Yeah… the more I listen to it, the more it’s too much like that for me. It’s still a lot better than most Apink song though.
Europa is not that great. It sounds like most of the “other tracks” of Girls’ Generation. When I listened to the I Got A Boy album, I had this weird feeling that all the other songs (or most of them) on the album were from another group. They lack that Girls’ Generation signature sound I was waiting for. So this one is a bit like that. I feel like any other girls band could have release it…
Back Hug is a ballad with the same problem as Europa : it doesn’t really sound like a Girl’s Generation song. Anyway, I always hated most of their ballads. This one is not different.
I have a hard time deciding how I feel about Soul. It makes me think about a song that could have been release in the US for another singer or girls group. And I don’t know if I like it. Maybe I’m having a hard time because it’s not a bad song, but it’s not a kind of song I like for Girls’ Generation. It’s a bit too upbeat or “hard” somehow for them. Maybe even a bit too “rock” for them? It’s not really a rock song but there’s this guitar sound here and there that is trying to suggest it. So yeah, not quite sure for this one.
All in all, I’m not really disappointed since I knew this album would be what it is : somewhat okay. I like Goodbye a lot, kinda like Mr.Mr.. So this EP is a bit too boring or confusing for me. I would give maybe a 4.5 or even 5 out of 10, because it’s not horrible, but it’s not good enough to get more than that.

Zia’s song is from a OST for “Empress Ki”. Even though I love love love this drama, the song is an intense melodramatic ballad… So well… you know…

Victorious 2 is a good hip-hop song. It’s not exactly the genre I love the most, but I do like or love some song now and then. This one is good, though it’s not crazy good, and I won’t listen to it that much after today I guess. But it’s good enough that I might listen to it a bit more from time to time. I won’t lie, I think it’s mainly because of Gray’s featuring.

I put Another Parting as a OST, but you’ll see there’s no indication that it is one. I think it’s because it’s from a web-drama, which I guess is fairly new in the “drama industry” in Korea. That said, it’s still a ballad with this OST feeling to it and I don’t like it. But it got me interested in the web-drama “Another Parting”, I might check it out one day.

Ok wait, if you didn’t watch/listen to JAJAJA already, do it, right now! This song is awesome! I looooove it. The beat is perfect, the music in the background too, I like all the part, the featuring are awesome (hello! Dynamic Duo and Crush, does it get better than that?). Even the concept is pretty nice : each man talks about is married life, the first about the fact he’s going to get married, the second about the fact he got married and the last about the fact he never got married.

Just Holding Hand is a bubbly song with some rap in between the chorus. It’s a bit “been there done that” in the way that it sound a lot like other songs that are built the same way. And the chorus isn’t enticing enough. So not that great of a song.

To understand why I linked Cherry Blossom Ending, click on the link. The fact is that this song is always back on the chart now and then, though it’s labeled as “new”.

It’s You sound just like a OST. So you guess it’s an intense melodramatic ballad. And that I don’t like it.

Spellbound is bit better than Something, but the only thing is that it’s lacking a earworm quality to it. The chorus isn’t catchy enough… I like the MV a lot more than the one they did for Something though. Maybe because I feel that the dance is much more complex. The sound is a mix between the cabaret-ish vibe TVXQ is going for lately and an early Super Junior sound.

The new Standing Egg song is just boring. It’s sort of a soft light-hearted ballad. It’s not doing anything for me.

A Scene From A Breakup Movie sound exactly like the title : an optimistic ballad directly from a OST. So not really my cup of tea.

I really like Acourve, mainly because they released one of my favorite song last year. This Is Not a Love Song is quite good too (though maybe not as much as their last song). It’s really fun and the background sound of the guitar goes nicely with the song. I like the voice of the girl featured in it too. It’s a good song, but it’s not outstanding either. You should check it out if you’re curious. I think Acourve could gain popularity in the next couple of years.