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01. SoYu, JunggiGo – Some (feat. Lil Boi of Geeks)      –
02. Girls’ Generation – Mr. Mr.      NEW
03. Sung Si Kyung – Every Moment Of You OST      ↓(1)
04. 2NE1 – Come Back Home      NEW
05. Sunmi – Full Moon      ↓(1)
06. Hyorin (Sistar) – Goodbye OST      ↓(3)
07. 2NE1 – Gotta Be You      NEW
08. Girl’s Day – Something      ↓(2)
09. CNBLUE – Can’t Stop      NEW
10. Idina Menzel – Let It Go OST      ↓(5)
11. Huh Gak – Tears Fallin’ Like Today OST      ↓(4)
12. Ailee – Singing Got Better      ↓(4)
13. Kim Soo Hyun – In Front of Your House OST      ↓(4)
14. AOA – Miniskirt      ↓(3)
15. M.C THE MAX – Wind That Blows      ↓(5)
16. IU – Friday (feat. Jang Yi-jeong of HISTORY)      ↓(4)
17. 2NE1 – Crush      NEW
18. 2NE1 – If I Were You      NEW
19. Gain – Fxxk You (feat. Bumkey)      ↓(6)
20. VIBE – Haeundae (Feat. Kang MinKyung of Davichi)      ↑(1)
21. Lyn – My Destiny OST      ↓(5)
22. Nell – Four Times Around The Sun      NEW
23. S.M. The Ballad – Breath (sung by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and SHINee’s Jonghyun)      ↓(6)
24. Idina Menzel – Let It Go OST      ↓(9)
25. K.Will & Mamamoo – Peppermint Chocolate (feat. Wheesung)      –

Oh the glorious battle between YG and SM! Sure, Girls’ Generation is higher up on the chart, but I feel like YG might have won this round since Crush is the album that has most of its songs in the top 50 of the chart. And also, in my heart, well… 2NE1 had better songs.

Mr.Mr. is good, but somehow, I feel like it’s not exactly as good as I would have wanted it to be. Girls’ Generation is the first Kpop group I’ve discovered and liked. So I might have pretty high expectation when it comes to new song. In fact, I think I prefer I Got A Boy even though it was a bit miss-matched. I also prefer their Japanese single too. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I’m just saying it’s not my favorite. I know most people are pleased with it and I’m fine with that too. I’ll just be looking forward to their next song to satisfied my expectation. The MV is a bit out of the box, but I’m not really that much into it. I like big bright colors for Girls’ Generation is this one is a bit… foggy? Maybe it has to do with the fact they edited the shit out of this MV, and it seems the God of filter puked all over it. At least it had more of a story to it, but not enough to say that SM really change their ways. I’m not even really liking the dance either… But still, I’ll say it again, I don’t hate the song as much as it seems. It’s just that I’m not as excited by it as I would have wanted to be.

CRUSH Album Review [first part] (part 2 here)
Come Back Home is, on the other end, a great song. The MV is also really great, even though the meaning isn’t quite clear at times. I wasn’t sure at first because of the reggae feel to it. I was wanting for something a bit different since the last few upbeat song of 2NE1 where also deeply connected with that genre. But then, after maybe 2 or 3 time, it grew on me, a lot! I really like the part where CL has a soft rap break, but it’s not on the album version of the song. I really like the visual of the MV, they went all out with it.
Gotta Be You is a fun upbeat song. I’m not that much into the weird harmonica/horn sound at the start of the song and here and there in the background, but it’s still a pretty good song to dance to.
Even though Crush is the first track of the album and the title of it too, I’m really not into the song. There’s kind of an arabic twist to the sound I think, and I think this arabic feel isn’t too far-fetched since there was this CL solo scandal that emerged after the release of this album. I just feel this song is also somewhat of a revival of older 2NE1 songs with some minor difference here and there. But it’s not as good as those older songs and it’s not doing it for me either.
If I Were You on the other hand is quite good. I’m not that crazy about 2NE1 doing ballad most of the time. But lately, I feel like they’re really succeeding with those. The harmony of their voice is great and the harshness of CL voice gives a jazzy/blues feel when she’s not doing slow pace rap part. So I like this one. The only thing I could so against it is that it’s not enough of a special song to be release as a main title or a single, it’s not standing out as much as other song of the album. But, altogether, it’s nice.

I’m a fan of CNBLUE. Maybe not the biggest fan out there, but still, I really like them. Can’t Stop is a good enough song and the chorus is fun. That said… it’s really not as great as so many of their other song. It’s just a bit boring for me, mainly after the last two song they’ve released in 2012-2013. I was expecting more from them honestly, and maybe that’s why I’m not in love with this song.

Four Times Around The Sun is a good song. I also had high expectation for Nell’s comeback, and they were not crushed as hard as for the CNBLUE’s comeback, but… well, it was kinda close. The thing is, after a while, it grew more and more on me. This song is really good and I like it a lot, even though I was waiting for something maybe a bit more rock than this. It has this dreamlike quality to it that I like with Nell’s musical universe. The MV is quite pretty (and dreamlike) too.

Finally, I’m happy that Mamamoo is still on the first 25 and I hope their real debut song will be a great hit.