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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
32. Yu Seung Woo – Hesitating Lips
36. Brown Eyed Soul – Pass Me By
41. The One – Can You Hear Me?
61. S.M. The Ballad – A Day Without You (sung by SHINee’s Jonghyun and EXO’s Chen)
65. Ladies’ Code – So Wonderful
70. S.M. The Ballad – Set Me Free (sung by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon)
86. Shim Eun Kyung – White Butterfly OST
97. Stellar – Marionette

Song Chart
81. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Boy In Luv
87. Ali – The Vow (Golden Rainbow Uie&Jung Ilwoo Love Theme)
92. Gummy – 추억으로 가는 당신 [Memories of your Departure]
94. Yoon Min-soo – 어느 소녀의 사랑 이야기 [One Girl’s Love Story]
98. VIXX – Turn Around And Look At Me

Hesitating Lips is… I don’t know exactly how I feel about it. I’m puzzled about this young boy. Sure, he’s talented, but I feel like the song is about some deep stuff, though I’m not feeling emotion coming from him or his singing. Maybe he just need to get a bit older? The song is fine, it’s just not the best of his genre. I’m not that much into it, because of all those reasons. Even without the MV, you can feel that the voice and the emotion behind it are just a tiny bit too young or immature for what the song is trying to express. Or maybe it has to do with the distance between what the song is about and what they did in the MV with the older actors. So yeah, still kinda puzzled bit this.

So we meet again, Brown Eyed Soul… And I’ll surprised everyone this time around : I actually like and enjoy this song a lot. It’s the chorus I think. I don’t know exactly what happened in fact. Doesn’t this song sound a bit different from what they usually do? Am I just going crazy? Who knows! But see, this song is a lot lot more light-hearted than their sobby ballad. I even think it’s a bit more R&B than just a plain old happy ballad. So yes, it’s actually quite good. I don’t really get the MV though, it’s maybe too conceptual for me.

Can You Hear Me? is a new song by The One. I’m not really a big fan of The One, because he’s always doing intense ballad with crazy high notes, and I don’t really like that most of the time. This one is a bit less on the sad side of things, and it’s a bit better lighter, less intense, than what I would have expected. But it’s still not doing it for me.

A Day Without You is quite boring… I don’t really understand why SM though about this “S.M. The Ballad” concept. For now, I feel like nothing really great is coming out of it. And I don’t really understand how this song is a ballad too. I also think it sounds kinda odd, or even kinda old. There’s really great songs that have this 80’s and 90’s twist and that pull it off quite well, but this one is not doing it like that. Ahhh SM…

I really like So Wonderful. It sounds a lot like the latest girl’s group song that have been released lately, but it works great. This song made me forget the previous Ladies’ Code song and MV I hated. The MV is more close to what they did with Hate You, meaning they did a great MV with a cool concept and somewhat of a story behind it.

Set Me Free is sung by Taeyeon (one of my favorite from Girl’s Generation). This could be good, if they did a better job with the melody. Taeyeon has charisma and, on top of that, a really great voice. But I feel like the song is not coming together as a whole. It’s a bit blend and, at the same time, kinda all over the place. I’m starting to think that SM just release this album in a hurry for some kind of alternate motive and it shows…

White Butterfly is a ballad with sort of a background trot feel to it. But it’s really subtle. I don’t like it all that much, but it’s not as bad as you would think for a OST.

Marionette is getting a LOT of hate for its MV. And I totally understand why. They went all in for the sexy concept, but did it so wrong that watching it is hard to bear without cringing at least every 5 to 15 seconds. That said, the song is great. It’s such a shame it was ruined by this crazy butt scratching video that makes no sense whatsoever. So go and listen to the song, but don’t look at the video. It’s just the stupidest move ever made for a MV since… there’s just no comparison really.

I wasn’t sure about Boy In Luv because I felt it was a bit harsh on the edges. Made me think about what Block B usually sounds like. But the chorus totally got me. And after a while, the whole song grew on me and I feel the need to dance to it all the time. The MV is alright. I think I would have prefer just a plain dance MV with some close up shot here and there (wait, am I starting to become a fangirl all of sudden… aishh).

The Vow is a OST in disguise it seems. I’ve heard it somewhere before though, even if I don’t watch the drama it’s associated to. I like the oh-oh-oooooohhhh part, but that’s about it. It’s a ballad… And I remember not liking Ali that much since she was in one of the first chart I ever put on this website.

The Gummy’s song was sung for the show Immortal Songs it seems. It’s an intense ballad, and it’s Gummy. So you know where I stand.

Yoon Min-soo’s song is also from Immortal Songs. At first, I was like “Chorus? Awesome!”. But then, well, not so much. It’s also a ballad, not really different from those I don’t like … yeah, so, next?

Turn Around And Look At Me was done for an anniversary album. It’s not a bad song, but I feel like it sounds like old VIXX’ song, their early one (but not the great ones). It’s alright I guess, just not enough for me.