I’ve put both song of the single in the playlist.

I’ve stumble upon On My Way To Sleep and liked it from the start. It reminded me of a singer from Quebec who does Spanish, Portuguese, English and French song. Maybe it’s because of the sound of the guitar but it somewhat reminded my of a soft Spanish ballad.

Anyway, I’ve started listening to it in my monthly playlist and it really grew on me a LOT. I’ve even put it on repeat quite a few time. Then, around that time, I told myself I should buy it since I loved it sooo damn much. I then discovered the other song of the single, My Heart Hurts, wich is really great too (even though the pronounciation of the chorus made me cringe a bit at first).

I’ve fallen in love with that band since then and still listen to those two song as much now. I hope to do more great song in the future since they’re just so good. And, on top of that, singer’s voice is really beautiful.