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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
28. Hong Dae Kwang – No Answer
39. Rainbow Blaxx – Cha Cha
51. GOT7 – Girls Girls Girls
64. The Seeya – Tell Me
67. Sunny Hill – Don’t Say Anything
82. Kim Jaejoong – Heaven (feat. Gummy)
89. Wheesung & Kim Tae Woo – 호호호빵
90. Louie (Geeks) – Where You At (feat. Young Luffy)
96. Park Hye-kyung – 정말 우리가 사랑했을까 (Did We Really Love)
97. Jeong Dong-Ha – I Loved You
98. SoulStar – 13 Month Winter

Song Chart
87. LEDApple – Left Alone

No Answer is quite alright, though I don’t really get the MV they made for it. I feel like the song is much more light-hearted than the vibe of the video. If you like Hong Dae Kwang, you’ll probably love this song. For me, it’s just fine.

Cha Cha is great. I don’t quite understand why they needed to do a “sub-unit” to release this song though since there’s so many group that switch between aegyo to sexy concept back and forth. Anyway, the song is good, the MV is also good and fun even though you could think it would only be rubbing stuff all over their bodies. It actually has more of a concept to it than just “sexy”.

GOT7 is a new group and their debut song is really good. The MV though… it’s a bit boring. It’s mainly them dancing around on a dance floor, so nothing special. I’ll be looking forward to their next stuff since I think they’re off to a great start still.

Then, it’s The Seeya’s comeback. Quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting much from this since I’m usually somewhat pleased with their featuring, but I rarely really enjoy their song. It’s okay, but not that great either. This one is a bit like that too. The only part I really like is the rap part. And the MV is a bit distracting for me since I feel like the concept is… well… cheap? I don’t know exactly how to describe it but “cheap” is the overall feeling I get from it.

Don’t say anything actually surprised me a bit. SunnyHill is hard to put in a box. I haven’t been that pleased with their latest songs so I wasn’t expecting much from this one. And I actually enjoy it a lot more than I thought. That said, I still have mix feeling about it. I don’t know if I’ll enjoy it in a few weeks or if I’ll get bored with it. The MV is nothing special…

Even though Kim Jaejoong is immensely loved by all, I’m not really into him. Maybe that’s why I’m not into Heaven. But even without the fact he’s singing it, the song is too much of a ballad for me.

Where You At is a solo sung by Louie from Geeks. It’s actually interesting. But the style of it is not for me. That said, if you’re into what Geeks usual do, this might be for you.

정말 우리가 사랑했을까 (Did We Really Love) is a fun song with a light cabaret twist to it, but really it’s really really… light. I don’t have a better word to describe it. It’s not the greatest song, but it would be perfect for a rainy sunday morning, eating a croissant and reading the newspaper or a book with a good cup of coffee next to a window.

I’m having trouble with LEDApple. I used to really like their song, back when they started. But since then, most of the song they’ve released are not doing it for me. This one is not different. It’s a ballad. And it’s not getting through to me.