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01. Girl’s Day – Something      –
02. Hyorin (Sistar) – Goodbye OST      NEW
03. Gary – Shower Later (feat. Crush)      ↓(1)
04. Ailee – Singing Got Better      –
05. M.C THE MAX – Wind That Blows      ↓(2)
06. IU – Friday (feat. Jang Yi-jeong of HISTORY)      ↓(1)
07. Lyn – My Destiny      ↓(1)
08. Rain – LA Song      –
09. Idina Menzel – Let It Go OST      NEW
10. K.Will – Like A Star OST      ↓(3)
11. B1A4 – Lonely      ↓(2)
12. Wheesung – Heartsore Story (feat. Junhyung of B2ST)      ↑(7)
13. Gummy – You’ll Miss Me (narr. Lee Si Young) (aka You Will Think Of Me)      ↑(25)
14. 4Minute – Only Gained Weight      NEW
15. M.C THE MAX – We, In The Past      ↓(4)
16. Gary – ZOTTO MOLA      ↓(6)
17. Younha – You Who Came From The Stars OST      ↑(7)
18. Beenzino – Dali, Van, Picasso      ↓(5)
19. TVXQ (DBSK) – Something      ↓(4)
20. Brown Eyed Soul – You      ↓(8)
21. AOA – Miniskirt      ↑(41)
22. Wheesung & Gummy – Special Love      ↓(5)
23. Seo In Guk & Zia – Loved You      ↓(7)
24. Freestyle – Maybe (Feat. Horan)      NEW
25. Hyorin – One Way Love      ↓(3)

Goodbye is a nice song, but it still has its OST vibe to it. I can relate to it since I watch the drama it was done for, but I don’t know if I would like it if I hadn’t. That said, the ballad is much more on the soft side than most of the ballad I complain about all the time, so maybe I would still like it. And it’s Hyorin so it helps too.

There’s one thing I don’t quite get with this Top 25. Let It Go is doing extremely well around the world, and the song is actually really good. BUT, why does a Korean chart needs to put the original English version? Personally, I totally prefer the Korean version, which is sung by Hyorin on top of that. You should check the Korean version out, even though (for no valid reason), it’s somewhat hard to found on Youtube.

Only Gained Weight is the new 4Minute song, but no MV was done for it. It a shame though because I find the song quite good, even more than some they released last year. I don’t know if we can expect some similar stuff from them this year, but I would like to believe it. That said, it still has not the glory of I My Me Mine or even Volume Up.

I’ve talked about Freestyle not so long ago with their Winter Song which I deeply loved. I think, after hearing this new song, that they have a great sense of balance with the people they pick to do featuring in the chorus. I don’t like this song as much as the previous one though, but it’s still pretty nice and if you’ve liked Winter Song, you should check this one out too. And I was impressed by the vocal abilities of one of them when, at one point in the song, he starts to sing rather than rapping. I’ll definitely follow their work from now one.