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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
30. 4men – The Wind Rises OST
38. Gummy – You’ll Miss Me (narr. Lee Si Young)(aka You Will Think Of Me)
39. Gary – MR.GAE (Feat. Juvie Train, Kye Bum Zu)
43. 2BiC – I Love You
61. AOA – Miniskirt
67. Rumble Fish – The Virulent Song (feat. Kanto)
80. BMK – Listen & Repeat
88. Lee Hyori – Don’t Cry OST

Song Chart
84. Wheesung & Kim Tae Woo – 호호호빵
85. SoulStar – 13 Month Winter
96. Jung Joon Il – Confession
98. B1A4 – Love Then (feat. Harim)
99. Lim Chang Jung – A Glass of Soju
100. Kim Ji Soo – 말하고 있어 (feat. Sweden Laundry)

By now, you should know I’m not that much into 4Men. This song though is quite nice, at first. But it doesn’t stay that way for too long since it gets all intense and dramatic after a while. Why? Why do ballad always end up like that? It would be fine now and then, but I feel like it’s starting to plague the genre, at least in the korean music part of it.

And, most of the time, I’m not really into Gummy either. That said, this song is a bit less boring than other songs I’ve heard from her. But it’s still not exactly my cup of tea either. I’m not really liking the chorus. I feel like the song is in between ballad and a more pop or energetic song, and it kinda bothers me a little.

Mr. Gae is Gary other song on his mini album. I think of all of them, it’s the one I like the least. I really prefer the 3 other songs, though I will give props for the lyrics and the Monday Couple reference, which was really cute.

2BiC have really great vocal abilities. I like some of their song now and then because of that. But I Love You is too typical of a ballad for me. And somehow, I felt like they tried to hard to do something that was just like what you usually hear in the korean ballad genre. I’m not that disappointed though since I somehow expect that from them, but most of the time, they add some more stuff to the song so that it’s more enjoyable for me. But not this time, as I was saying.

AOA’s Miniskirt is a song not be neglected. It’s not really high on the chart right now, but I hope it will go up in the Top 25, where it belongs. This is a really great song, and it just get better and better every time I listen to it. Yes, the MV is a bit… well, there’s not much going on except sexy moves and close-up on thighs and asses. But the song is good and the girls are pretty (even though I would have prefer something more elaborate for the MV).

I didn’t know Rumble Fish. But I really like The Virulent Song. It’s different from what you hear in Kpop most of the time. I feel like there’s more of an indie twist to it somehow. The MV is mainly the singer singing in variety of clothes while using accessories and stuff. It’s nicely shot, but maybe a bit too conventional. The song is good, but I do feel like it’s not outstanding either. I like it, but I’m not sure it’s going to make a lasting effect on me.

Listen & Repeat is a ballad. And it’s exactly, or almost exactly done on the same model as the few other ballad I’ve talked about already. Maybe if somehow, it was associated to a drama or something, I could be able to relate to it. But still, the chorus is really sung too intensely for me.

There was some teasers about Don’t Cry, from Lee Hyori. I knew it was a OST song, but still, I was expecting a lot from this song because of, well, Hyori. But it’s a ballad, a OST song, and even if it’s Lee Hyori, it’s a bit boring. That said, it’s not too intense as other ballad, so that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s just the clash between my expectation and the actual song or it just has to do with taste, I don’t know. You should listen to it if you’re into OST or ballad since I can say it’s still a pretty nice song.

Wow, the background music of 호호호빵 sure sounds old. Synth sounds all over and, the song as a whole, it has a 80~90’s vibe to it. I’m not really into Wheesung for starters, and I sometimes have a hard time with this kind of music. So yeah, I don’t really like this song.

I feel like I’m only complaining this time around… but I don’t really like SoulStar either. And there song is really not my taste. It always sound a bit like 98° or another 90’s boys band ballad. And those were not, even at that time, my favorite. So it’s a no for me for 13 Month Winter.

Confession is a ballad too. There’s this weird synth sound that you can hear now and then is some ballad, it sounds like weird bells or something like that. I don’t really like that sound so it’s not helping me to like the song. This song is a typical ballad. So… well, I’m really not digging it. The MV is mostly a guy being sad…

Love Then is not bad. It could be better though, if there was something that would give it some kind of punch or something. But nothing. It’s cute, but it lacks that special something to make it good or even great.

The best part of 말하고 있어 is when Sweden Laundry joins in. But apart from that (and even with it), the song is a classic ballad, and so not really for me all that much.