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01. Girl’s Day – Something      ↑(1)
02. Gary – Shower Later (feat. Crush)      NEW
03. M.C THE MAX – Wind That Blows      ↓(2)
04. Ailee – Singing Got Better      –
05. IU – Friday (feat. Jang Yi-jeong of HISTORY)      ↓(2)
06. Lyn – My Destiny      ↓(1)
07. K.Will – Like A Star OST      –
08. Rain – LA Song      ↑(7)
09. B1A4 – Lonely      NEW
10. Gary – ZOTTO MOLA      NEW
11. M.C THE MAX – We, In The Past      ↓(5)
12. Brown Eyed Soul – You      ↓(4)
13. Beenzino – Dali, Van, Picasso      ↓(4)
14. Apink – Good Morning Baby      NEW
15. TVXQ (DBSK) – Something      ↓(4)
16. Seo In Guk & Zia – Loved You      ↓(6)
17. Wheesung & Gummy – Special Love      ↓(4)
18. Zia – Have You Ever Cried      NEW
19. Wheesung – Heartsore Story (feat. Junhyung of B2ST)      ↓(2)
20. M.C THE MAX – Night We Shine      ↓(8)
21. Verbal Jint, San E, Bumkey, Swings, Phantom, Kanto – You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW      NEW
22. Hyorin – One Way Love      ↓(6)
23. Sung Si Kyung – To You OST      ↓(5)
24. Younha – You Who Came From The Stars OST      NEW
25. Gary – Drunken Night Tune (Feat. Jung in)      NEW

First off, Shower Later. I really really really like this song. I already knew I liked Gary, because of both his music and his character in Running Man, but wow, this song rocks. The MV is really funny. In my mind, you need to not take it too seriously. Somehow, it look like a really nicely done parody of so many other cliché hip-hop MV. Anyway, I don’t mind the MV all that much.

I don’t know what to think about Lonely. Most of the time, with B1A4, I’m half and half. I can either really like or really hate their song. This one is just… so… I don’t know. I feel nothing towards it. And I listen to it still, to figure out how I feel about it. And, still, I cannot say. I feel like the MV is interesting, but yet again, I’m used to more with their MV too. Anyway.

ZOTTO MOLLA is alright. I’m kinda bothered by the background music that starts the song and then come back a few time afterward, this kinda child cry or something. Even without it though, the song would just be alright I think.

I’m not a big fan of Apink, and this song isn’t the one who’s going to help me like them more. AND the MV is only a photo shoot thingy. So yeah, kinda boring all over.

I was anticipating Zia’s Have You Ever Cried since, well, the title is already saying it’s going to be about sad stuff and crying and all that. So, yeah, it’s a ballad alright. And I don’t like it either. The MV is quite typical too. It even got this scene with the singer in a bathtub and all. I just find it funny when the girl is throwing out her ex-boyfriend toothbrush in the trash bin since the toothbrush is so huge it’s about the same size as the bin.

You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW was done for promoting Brand New Music. I like it. I’m not sure I used to like the original song, but this hip-hop twist is great, and even the old stuff they actually used was change a bit, and it’s great.

Most of the time, I really like Younha. And I already said I really like My Love From The Stars. But a OST is a OST. And this one is not good. I don’t remember hearing it in the drama either.

Finally, I like Drunken Night Tune. It’s tango music and the rhythm is good. I’m not so sure about the part with the female singer though. I feel like it broke the vibe of the song. That said, I like the chorus a lot.