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01. M.C THE MAX – Wind That Blows      ↑(1)
02. Girl’s Day – Something      ↑(17)
03. IU – Friday (feat. Jang Yi-jeong of HISTORY)      ↓(2)
04. Ailee – Singing Got Better      NEW
05. Lyn – My Destiny      ↓(2)
06. M.C THE MAX – We, In The Past      ↑(2)
07. K.Will – Like A Star OST      NEW
08. Brown Eyed Soul – You      ↓(3)
09. Beenzino – Dali, Van, Picasso      ↓(5)
10. Seo In Guk & Zia – Loved You      ↓(3)
11. TVXQ – Something      NEW
12. M.C THE MAX – Night We Shine      ↑(2)
13. Wheesung & Gummy – Special Love      ↓(4)
14. Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Guk, VIXX & Yeo Dong Saeng – Winter Propose      ↓(8)
15. Rain – LA Song      ↑(23)
16. Hyorin – One Way Love      ↓(5)
17. Wheesung – Heartsore Story (feat. Junhyung of B2ST)      ↓(5)
18. Sung Si Kyung – To You OST      ↓(5)
19. Zia – To Be Expected      ↓(9)
20. 2NE1 – Missing You      ↓(5)
21. Bumkey, Verbal Jint – Only For You      ↓(5)
22. Huh Gak – Memory Of Your Scent      ↓(2)
23. Ailee – Because of Tears OST      ↓(2)
24. EXO – Miracle in December      ↓(6)
25. Soyu – Once More OST      NEW

I don’t get why LA Song is in there but not 30 Sexy… Neither do I understand why M.C The Max has gained ranks for a lot of their songs.

Anyway, new Ailee’s song this week. I like it, even though it’s not her best song ever. Still, it’s a better song than most of the OST she’s been doing. And she needed to show the world that she was ok and able to keep her career going after the huge nude picture scandal that went on (and ended mostly hurting allkpop, which is not such a bad thing in the end). And this song is not some half copy of Beyoncé way of singing either. So this sound like Ailee and it’s a good song.

Like A Star is also a OST song from “My Love From The Stars”. It’s alright, but it’s still really just a OST. I’m not that much into it. At least it’s not a ballad.

Something, from TVXQ, is a good song. It’s fun and upbeat. But still, a bit like Something from Girl’s Day, I feel like I was expecting more from them somehow. And the whole cabaret vibe again… gosh. I so tired of it. So I feel like I’ll get tired of this song a bit too fast.

Once More is a OST from Empress Ki, which I started watching. I feel like this song, over all the other I’ve heard from this drama that came on the chart, sound a lot more like the music of the drama. That said, it doesn’t make the song a great song. It’s okay, and Soyu has a great voice, but it’s still sound a lot like a OST.